My HIL in 2009 TADTE

We have shown the UAVs and it's HIL simulation environments in 2009 TADTE(Taipei Aerospace and Defense Technology Exhibition).[Old type for flight test and data collection]

[Another type with video transmission function]

Right side of picture is aircraft hardware simulation. when it receive the UAV's filight data, it will generate the real electric signal include analog signals of gyro and accelerometer,gps signal...etc. via FPGA card, and output these signals to flight control board at middle of picture to replace original sensors. Flight control board output the RC motor control signals to FPGA board to control aircraft in X-Plane.

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  • Yes, no problem.
  • Dear chang, may I ask some question about sensor?
  • I want one of these...I'm guessing its impossible to buy????
  • Admin

    Fully powered flights of over one hour can be obtained with a reasonable payload without resorting to a glider.

  • TO Chris Anderson:
    I have not plane to do this. My major job is teaching Avenger system in militarily school. It just a part-time job with our team member. you can see that just a prototype for HIL, not a commercial type. XD.
  • TO Thomas J Coyle III :
    I think if want UAV to flight over 1 hour by electronic power, glider type aircraft must be first choice, our partner use AAAI software to disign aircraft to obtain the long-flight time, the similar type is Cardinals UAV by Chung- Shan Institute of Science and Technology(CSIST), almost 99% the same with RQ-11.

  • 3D Robotics
    Are there any plans to shrink the hardware-in-the-loop hardware to a small stand-alone box?
  • Admin
    This UAV looks suspiciously similar to the American made Raven UAV which you can see in my Avatar.

    Just a thought.

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