My precious UAV

It is AXN Floater with APM128 board. Waiting for the good weather... Pictures says the rest =)


BTW. XBee is under buzzer, just behind the motor. Sometimes it does interfere with receiver. Thinking to move receiver...





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  • Hi Mike!

    Black tape is thick duct tape reinforced with fibers. It intend to protect the plane from damage.

    Yes, orange capsule is protective cover for APM, gps and airspeed sensor. ESC is glued to the rudder servo =)

    For the color underneath - I didn't make it, but few days later I will.

  • Moderator

    I'm new to planes. What is the black tape? What is the role of the tape, and how well does it work? The orange bricks, I'm assuming they contain the APM and other electronics? Can we see how they are assembled? Is the ESC just forward of the motor? What colors did you go with underneath? Thank you for sharing!

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