My PVC V-Tail Quad

I built this guy out of PVC plumbing parts from Canadian tire and an old plastic food container:



30 deg V

10 x 4.5 propellers

D3530/14 1100kv Motors

30A HK ESCs (SimonK )

APM 2.5 brain with 915 Radio + GPS

(arducopter 2.9.1b modified to support my VTail mix)

4000mAh 40-80C nanotech battery (I like them for my Stampede 4x4)

all up weight is about 1500g (1760g with my 'trainer landing gear' shown above)

Hovers at 25A / 45% throttle and gets about 7 min flight time

I also added Mavlink support to my Turnigy 9x. Currently I forward mavlink data from my PC over bluetooth, but I hope to put a 3dr radio in place of the bluetooth to avoid the PC. The screen I added provides battery Amps / Volts / % Remaining (with warning beeps), flight mode, satellite fix / count / hdop and my favorite feature: distance from home and bearing offset to get home. 0° means fly forward to get home, 180° means fly backwards to get home - handy!


This was and continues to be a really fun project!

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    This looks very much like a quad-frame my daughter and I built in 2010 with 'left-overs' from a home plumbing job! Very nice!

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