My sixth sense tells me we could do something with this...

OK... It is only a doppler effect speed radar... but it is still a radar, with microcontroller. It is pretty light weight (3.7 onces) and not to expensive ($199). It as a range of half a mile when targeting a car size object (Maybe we can enhance that range...). If some potential is expected from you guys about that product, I may be willing to bail out some money for it.

Hope you enjoy the challenge.

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  • I'm happy with the size of the signal stuff (microwave emitter or X-band) as using just what you need makes it much smaller than the gun/full board/shielded circuit (>5cm/2"). My annoyance is processing the data from the barely guided signal.

    Using the Hot wheels gun you get a guide cylinder of about 6" which allows a 10-12° field of view for first bounce. I don't have 10-12" spar height in my Easystar :(
  • Ritchie, thanks for the link :-)
    Mario - I received mine before two weeks, still don't have to test properly. But it is more or less the same thing as
    How wheels radar


    but for more money and much smaller size. It will be interesting to solder the serial port if pins are available, and write some lines of software
  • You would be right but at $199 it is significantly more expensive than X-band door opening (£25) hardware which can directly interface for distance.
    At the moment my concern is not finding a detection method it is getting the range compression and azimuth compression done for things like this. Until then I'll stick with my ultrasonics to feed the signal.
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