I present you my TBS Discovery with my own gimbal platform. Carbon half aluminum half I made ​​thanks to my cnc milling machine.
Here are some pictures of the assembly.3689572733?profile=original3689572649?profile=original3689572756?profile=original3689572820?profile=original3689572773?profile=original

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  • @ced, thanks for link, what mister are you using for the spindle? I'm new to the whole spindle world and trying to learn everything required :-)

    Also, I've snapped a couple of 1/32" bits trying to get it right, so what is your IPM and depth of cut for your tool path?

    One thing that has helped me cut g10 sheets is a vacuum table, it has made the whole clamping thing unnecessary. Here is a link used and a video showing it's works great.



  • @Michael

    Thank you Michael, this is a 800W spindle from, and for cutting the rpms are 24k.


    Broche VFD
    Broche haute fréqeunce 800W à 2.2KW
  • @ced

    Very nice machine, I've built a CNC machine as well and have started cutting sheets of G10. I use a router as the spindle and the maximum rpms are 28K, what spindle are you using and what speeds are you cutting the carbon fiber?



  • OK, needless to say, I am more than impressed! Did you design this yourself? 

    Are there designs available? I'll check out that controller! 

    I was looking at table top bed mills a couple of years ago… seeing your's has gotten me excited about them again. I used to do a lot of bigger, heavy machining, but now-a-days, making a quad copter or two, designing inventing small stuff and fixing stuff around the house are what I'd really use it for. 

    I love the idea of building machines that can build machines!

    Well knowing that you made you CNC, I'm betting that your gimbal is superb! Congratulations! 


  • @steve

    Thank's, I made this machine.

    It's less than 5/100 mm for tolerence, the controller it's a french controller INTERPCNC

    For the moment I've only 3 axis but thank's to the controller I can put 5 axis, I will see later for a 4th axis.

  • Wow!

    That's a nice little bed mill! Is it commercially available or did you make that? either way nice machine! 

    What type of tolerances can you hold? What's the controller? Does it have additional axis capabilities? etc etc! Sorry  for all of the questions!  :-)  It looks perfect for what we do here! 

    I was thinking about another production mill, but am moving to smaller projects lately and this seems like a fantastic idea. I've never used a real bed mill. 


  • I've put more CNC pics on my profil

  • UAU!!! did you mill that PCB on the CNC? I want one of those! :D where can we get one? DIY?

  • And some project


  • Thank's, Some picts of my CNC 



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