It is time! With three years of research behind us and less than two months left before the first flight on June 16th, it is time to gather all the equipment, reservations and team members together to make the USA trip!!

See all the details here:

Donate if you can! Share it with your friends! Lets get the word out!

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  • Trent!

    Sorry for USA trip cancellation but, I paid for banner advertisement on MyGeekShow USA Trip page and for some reason supplied banner was never placed on the page.

    Is there a good reason for not placing my banner with link on a proper page?



  • @Trent

    I see you are over your funding target.
    Perhaps with some of the additional funds, you could look at doing 'live tracking' of your chase vehicle so we can all see where you are on your journey.

    It might help garner a lot of additional interest if people can see where you are right now.

  • Ha ha! Thank you Monroe! Updates coming asap:

  • Updated post can be found here.

  • Developer

    Trent, if you are starting in San Diego, drop by the 3DR offices and say hello.  I'm sure we can send you on your journey with a few bits and pieces as well.

  • Hey Trent!

    Added your promo on my main page here



  • Backed. All the best mate!

    Don't forget to do a repost towards end of campaign, so to attract final bump in contributions via this site.
  • Have the best of luck on flight; great idea :)


  • Added 6 more perk options! Now you can "loan" me some of the needed components! You donate it and I'll buy it, use it (maybe, a lot of them are back up parts) and then I'll mail it to you when the trip is over. 

    Also offering special edition BLACK Raptor 140 kits. The USA trip Raptors will be black for visibility (and coolness!). I'll sign the wings too if you'd like!

  •    One obvious option is to have a special edition raptor 140 kit....  Maybe add a 'I helped fund Trent's trip' sticker or something.   Maybe have 'Go flying with Trent Day'  for some of us who might be close?  I think that would be fun anyway ;)

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