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  • The cause of the failure was obvious.  The lady doing the countdown skipped the number 2. 

  • Just one nozzle R.D.

  • 5...4...3...2...0??

  • Not as easy as it looks, I guess.

  • The terrain and 'sand storm' reminded me of Canaveral... and it proved to be true.. Morpheus Homepage.

    Anyone else see more than one nozzle directly under the center of the vehicle?

  • Lol to the conveniently placed bottles of liquid helium(?) placed right next to it.

  • Thanks for the info Munroe to the guys involved it is heart break and serious stuff "It is the chance you take . As for the guys in the fire truck they would be  absolutely elated with a fire .(no human loss) when I flew daily the

    fire  guys would be out  doing  practice runs down the run way to stay in shape. The only miss hap I seen them involved in in 27 years of commercial flying . One time a beech 18 put the wheels up to soon and slid 1000 feet down the run way (no fire folded the props back pretty good  ) and another time they got a brand new  4wd fire truck and were showing it off for the local news media and got stuck in the moat at the fence at the end of the runway and had to  get towed out . They are good guys trained ready and necessary.If something did happen they would be there to save your butt

  • Go the Blue Ball!

  • That's probably the end of the program.  They would have already had a 2nd machine if they could afford to rebuild it.

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    That's some serious explosions @1:56, @6:23... no doubt about it, I'm ceasing development of my liquid methane / liquid oxygen fuels quad right away!

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