NASA uses small electric-powered planes


In yet another example of non-military application of drones, NASA researchers investigate the gases in a volcanic plume in Costa Rica with small electric-powered planes. These planes are, in fact, repurposed military drones being applied to the benefit of mankind. 

The full story, with maps, graphics, and more photos is at:

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  • I'm interested in this plane.Who can say where the center of gravity?

  • NASA has used UAS platforms in many research projects. This is yet another positive use the Govt. can show, and we all can follow.

    Another NASA / NOAA project   :

    MLB UAV Provide High Resolution Imagery of Seagrass and Coral Reef Biomes
  • Yiduo, that is one of the DragonEyes that NASA's team flew in Costa Rica.

    I was lucky to see them in action.

  • Hi Alfred,

    Can you tell me where did you get it? I'd like to have one as well. 

  • I was there:



  • Moderator

    Wow a history channel airframe! Behold the Dragoneye.

    There was an RC copy made in China or the like but I can't for the life of me remember who made it.


    Often thought about making a version of my own so have studied it ;-)

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