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  • We’ve designed the NavChip sensor to meet the requirements for the micro-UAV market where navigation and GPS coasting are paramount. Along with a small enclosure and low power, the sensor offers unprecedented performance with respect to gyro in-run stability (12°/hr) and noise in MEMs based technology. In addition to UAVs, the sensor is being designed into stabilization platforms, precision agriculture and robotic applications. Therefore, I think the sensor addresses a different market than the other technologies to which it is compared above. If you’re curious, feel free to check out the NavChip’s specs:

    --Mike Donfrancesco, VP of Sales and Marketing at InterSense
  • $1500 .... OH My God. I prefer to buy LY550ALH+LPR550AL, just few dollars.
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    :) ideas and brain storming happens inside your head and So I guess "head hunter" would not be too far fetched terminology ;-D
  • headhunters?
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    guess some of the chip makers have "headhunters" here@DIYDrones ? :))
  • That didn't take long. Considering the miniaturization, it's probably not worth it anymore to make pure gyro autopilots although they're certainly simpler.
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    :)O( $$$$
  • It's an interesting chip to be sure. I got a quote from them a while ago, the Dev. kit is $4900, and the chips themselves are $1500 (quantity breakdowns apply). Also, they require an NDA at this point. Maybe outside the hobbyist realm for now.
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