NERO Mapping Workshop


I am glad to announce our next workshop about mapping the terrain with drone and translating different environmental conditions in data. Noumena, in collaboration with IaaC<Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia | GREEN FABLAB (Valldauralabs), presents: NERO | networking environmental robotics workshop. The course will be structured in multiple phases, generating a dynamic workflow from digital to analog and vice versa to offer a firsthand experience with aerial robotics, data mapping and data visualization.
Applications are on..!!
For more Info;

Here you can see the result of the pervious workshop INTENSIF NUMERIQUE 2015 – DIGITAL DESIGN WORKSHOPwe organised in Paris, in collaboration with ENSAPM and DIGITAL KNOWLEDGE

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  • Hi Chirag,

    did you study how GPS ionopheric error can effect your mapping ?

    recent offer from manufacturer of GPS equipment:


    As professional GPS tracker supplier, our products has high quality, which are designed with high accuracy GPS tracking chip set like UBlox.

    We can offer professional GPS solutions and GPS tracking devices for both personal and vehicle use."

    Buy if you read specification, what is claimed high accuracy UBlox chip based GPS

    is 10m accuracy GPS at $100, not fit for any aerial mapping jobs.

    Higher resolution RTK GPS twin set is offered at $1000, not fit into $1000 drone class.

    Please tell me if FabLabs in Barcelona or in Spain generally, still progress or just shut up

    since I don't get any response from FabLabs at MIT.

    2 years ago I have planned to open high-tech R&D FabLab but didn't get any response from FabLabs HQ either.

    Pls email me


  • Hi Darius,

    I am glad to here from you about interesting stuff you are doing and for your interest in the workshop. 

    where are you based in right now?

    if you are around Barcelona, we can meet up and talk about work and possible collaborations or we by email.

    If you want have look our projects here, its

    keep up the good work.

  • Dear @Chirag, I would like to join your workshop since I love the time spent in Barcelona, playing chess in outdoor with local residents. I would like to join your team and FabLabs since I have studied Interactive Communication Media, Object Programming at Media Lab, MIT I am developing 3D road mapping technology to work with self-driven cars, manufactured in Europe, so I need a large team of R&D smart developers. Last week I have studied high-precision GPS boards against ionospheric error in US and in Australia (GPS fix offset up to 8m in 24h cycle). So we really need to develop open network of high-precision Ground Based Points, open to operators of model drones to offset ionospheric error via RTK or another all-software solution, I am working on. Google Maps and others have been affected by badly matched sat imaginery vs. ground road maps for years, making use of Google Maps based GPS navigation systems ( AUDI, Nokia and others) high risk operation. Self-driven cars operated in US, Europe, Asia can be operated safely if pre-processed Road Mapping Imaginery is preloaded into car navig system's memory before a ride. Long-range WiFi, 3G/4G still show limits in rural areas, so self-driven cars get equipped with liv

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