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New 3DR autopilot: Pixhawk Mini


The wait is over! We are proud to introduce the next generation 3DR autopilot, Pixhawk Mini. Pixhawk Mini is an upgraded Pixhawk designed in collaboration with HobbyKing and optimized to run the Dronecode PX4 firmware stack and QGroundControl multi-platform ground station (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS).

For just $199, Pixhawk Mini includes autopilot, GPS, and all the cables and connectors needed to get started building DIY quads, planes, rovers, and boats.

What's improved over Pixhawk 1?

  • One third the size--dimensions reduced from 50 mm x 81.5 mm x15.5 mm to 38 mm x 43 mm x 12 mm. Smaller airframes can now operate autonomously without making sacrifices for the Pixhawk footprint.

  • Rev 3 STM32 processor allow for full utilization of 2MB flash memory. Pixhawk Mini operates at only 50% compute capacity, 40 percentage points lower than the original Pixhawk. There is significantly more overhead available to run custom code.

  • Improved sensors, including both primary and secondary IMU (MPU9250 and ICM20608, respectively), lead to much better vibration handling and increased reliability.

  • GPS module included--Neo M8N with quad-constellation support and upgraded HMC5983 compass.

  • Micro JST connectors replace DF-13. We can all breath a sigh of relief.

  • Integrated piezo speaker and safety switch

What's improved over Pixfalcon?

  • Again, improved sensors, including both primary and secondary IMU (MPU9250 and ICM20608 respectively) for much better vibration handling and increased reliability.

  • Dedicated CAN port for UAVCAN applications.

  • Includes 8-channel servo output board for planes and other vehicles requiring powered PWM output.

  • Includes I2C breakout board for a total of 5 I2C connections.

Pixhawk Mini features an advanced processor and sensor technology from ST Microelectronics® and a NuttX real-time operating system, delivering incredible performance, flexibility, and reliability for controlling any autonomous vehicle.


  • Main Processor: STM32F427 Rev 3

  • IO Processor: STM32F103

  • Accel/Gyro/Mag: MPU9250

  • Accel/Gyro: ICM20608

  • Barometer: MS5611

  • Dimensions: 38x43x12mm

  • Weight: 15.8g

GPS Module: ublox Neo-M8N GPS/GLONASS receiver; integrated magnetometer HMC5983

  • Dimensions: 37x37x12mm

  • Weight: 22.4g


  • 1 x UART Serial Port (for GPS)

  • Spektrum DSM/DSM2/DSM-X® Satellite Compatible RC input

  • Futaba S BUS® Compatible RC input

  • PPM Sum Signal RC Input

  • I2C (for digital sensors)

  • CAN (for digital motor control with compatible controllers)

  • ADC (for analog sensors)

  • Micro USB Port

What’s Included?

  • Pixhawk Mini Flight Controller

  • GPS with uBlox M8N module with  

    • Concurrent reception of up to 3 GNSS (GPS, Galileo, GLONASS, BeiDou)

    • Industry leading –167 dBm navigation sensitivity

    • Security and integrity protection

    • Supports all satellite augmentation systems

    • Advanced jamming and spoofing detection

    • Product variants to meet performance and cost requirements

    • Backward compatible with NEO‑7 and NEO‑6 families

  • Integrated Power Module (up to 6s batteries) and power distribution board for quadcopters


  • 8-channel servo output board for planes and other vehicles requiring powered PWM output.

  • Cables

    • 4 pin I2C cable and breakout board

    • 6 pin GPS+Compass cable

    • 6 to 6/4 ‘Y’ adapter for additional I2C devices

    • 4 JST to 6 DF13 cable for legacy telemetry radios

    • External safety switch cable

    • RCIN cable for PPM/SBUS input

    • 8 channel RC output cable

    • 6 pin power cable for included Power Distribution Board


All available here



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  • That's a great question Gabriel.  Would love to hear the answer.

  • I am confused, according to the recent Forbes article


    In an interview last month, Anderson declined to discuss his company’s financial situation, but said that 3D Robotics was now solely focused on enterprise software.

    “We exited hardware and we exited consumer partly because it was a tough market,”

    This new product would appear to be both Hardware and Consumer market oriented. Is this yet another pivot? Is 3DR going after OEM or Consumer market with this product? Are there other products to follow? Pixhawk 2, etc?

    I think 3DR could gain a lot more confidence from OEM's and Consumers alike if they would clue us in as to their actual plans.

  • @Gary. Yes, all true. I see as much cock up as conspiracy though....but if Chris A actually does not want to send the Ardu devs a few FCs so they can test and verify this to make sure Ardupilot runs on it then that it says a lot.
  • Hi Marc,

    A lot of us invested in 3DR, maybe not money, but serious time and effort.

    And one thing that is definitely true, is that although 3DR and Chris very loudly extolled the virtues of open source and open hardware, the minute there was a disagreement regarding open versus closed  (or at least more monetizeably closed) the ArduPilot developers who gave so much were immediately shown the door and 3DR apparently took what they had done slightly recast by Lorenz and made it their own.

    You could certainly say that's just business, but that is what is also wrong with business.

    In the US we are now very advanced in corporate denial of provable scientific facts, started with tobacco companies and addiction and has now progressed to the utterly absurd denial of global climate change (because the companies find it inconvenient for the next quarters profits.

    Sadly while 3DR was looking like one of the more responsible companies, as soon as VC fortunes were on the line they dropped that silly stance like a hot potato.

    And it does not, at this point in time appear that they are going to recover stature in either the open source community or the corporate one they so fully finally embraced.

    Ernst isn't that far off the mark.

    As for why we hang out here still, simple, it is a much nicer and easier to interact with format with a great landing page than the ArduPilot one, which is good if you are a developer or looking to solve a specific flight controller problem, but not much good for daily blogs, news and personal interraction.

    I do appreciate that Chris still maintains this web site, especially in light of the flack he now also gets.

    And I also appreciate that the evolution of the whole 3DR venture capital Dronekit thing may easily have just gone ballistic with forces at play that we will never even know about.

    My opinion anyway.



  • Ravi- this is made by Hobbyking in China. It is not high quality hardware made in the USA. It may be fine though. The price premium may be acceptable if they have a reasonable RMA policy. This will not have much appeal to high end users though.
  • all I am trying to say is whatever profit is raised by 3DR by branding of hardware should be used for R&D as it did before. I fully understand the relationship between 3DR and ardupilot. I really suggest that 3DR should keep manufacturing hardware even though it is sold at premium. high end user would love to buy drone electronics made in USA.

  • all I am trying to say is whatever profit is raised by 3DR by branding of hardware should be used for R&D as it did before. I fully understand the relationship between 3DR and ardupilot. I really suggest that 3DR should keep manufacturing hardware even though it is sold at premium. high end user would love to buy drone electronics made in USA.

  • Oh cmon Ernst. We hang out here because it is fun. When it ceases to be fun we will not. Probably important to remember that the real losers were 3DR investors and not the community, which is doing fine.
  • It's amazing how "once bitten, twice shy" seems to be a forgotten proverb hereabouts. What are all the old-time high-powered developers doing, hanging around here? And why would any mere peasant whose loyalty was rewarded by being bitch-slapped still be here?  Too weakened by having every last bit of creativity sucked out of them to even make it to the door? And now we are to again support this would-be VC honeypot by becoming Hobby King customers, of all things? LOL! The best thing 3DR is providing these days is another sort of laugh every time we walk by the drone display at our local Best Buy and see the lonesome Solo beached there, like a dead mackerel washed up on a nasty, oily beach, unwanted at one-quarter of its former price, a symbol of a bunch of people who are now eating and pounding sand after outsmarting themselves ripping off an entire community. Meanwhile I'm happily awaiting delivery of a real drone, a DJI Mavic.    

  • @Tridge- thanks for that. @Chris-unless you want to make this a PX4 only FC, why not send Tridge and Randy some? Is your tent so small now? This is not a way to win friends and influence. Lots of us are only too happy to give PX4 a whirl. Not likely to buy a PX4 only FC...even if the changes required are minimal.
This reply was deleted.