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  • Touch Video screen with osd and all the candy.

  • Triangle

    Machine Vision

  • I'd like to see the remote from the front, looks different..yet the same, somehow shrouded in mystery :)

  • Yeah, there seems to be a lot of hidden messaging in this.  It's a bit of an easter egg hunt.

    Even I'm not sure what the triangle symbolism is about.

  • This is a really smart ad campaign. 

    Reminds me of Xerox ad campaign by George Lois from the 60's where they used a chimpanzee to show how easy is it to photocopy documents. 

  • Carl Sagan Would be Proud.... the Case is a throwback to the Voyager Golden record. 


  • Will it dream?

  • Distributor

    Totally cool :-)

  • neat remote. Got me all excited about what's inside!

  • 10 to 1 I wont know how to fly it... 

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