New 3D Robotics frame build of my ArduCopter


I had a fully tricked out with every options ArducopterMega I purchased fully assembled from jdrones last year. I usually assemble all my own stuff so it figures that I crashed it *hard* on the first or second flight and basically destroyed the frame. This sent me down the rabbit hole and since then I have built 8 multi-rotors by hand including a few quads, a Y4, a Y6 a hex a TRI and some other aborted experiments ;) I used many different control boards so now I have an extensive collection of different motors, ESC's control boards and other gear.


But when the good folks here ay DIYDroones came out with the new 3DR carbon frame for ArducopterMega I figured it was time to resurrect my original copter that got me started in this hobby., 


So far the build is coming together nicely, here are some photos. I will update soon with maiden voyage video!


First image is the remnants of the crashed frame from my first arducoptermega ;)









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  • Yeah I haven't put heat shrink on the connectors yet because I may need to swap wires to make the motors trunk correct direction once all the. Electronics are hooked up.
  • 3D Robotics

    Looks great, just make sure those exposed bullet connectors on the arm dont short out as the arm is also metal and they are pretty close together with no shrink tubing. Electrical tape will work too.

  • Distributor

    Nice build, good idea to just put the ESC on the arm if your motor cables are not extended.  Do you know you can also mount the arducopter 3DR frame stack-ups at the same orientation as your APM?  You just need some screws, which might of been included in your kit (black nylon ones).  Otherwise hope your maiden is a success :)

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