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Another PIC programmer option from Sparkfun, perhaps an alternative to the dubious PICkit III. The $49 Cana Kit says it is "100% compatible with Microchip's MPLAB IDE, and the PICkit 2 interface, and can program all popular PIC 5V microcontrollers including the PIC16F84, PIC16F628, PIC18F458 and PIC16F877."

Connectivity is described this way: "The PIC Programmer offers In-circuit programming through a standard 6-pin ICSP connector as well as a built-in 20-pin ZIF socket for easy programming of any PIC of up to 20-pins right on the programmer. "

Will this work out of the box for the UAVDev Board?

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  • Unfortunately Microchip has no seminars in US & forget about US support, but we do use PICs because we started in 2001 before there was an AVR.
  • Hi Chris !
    As Billu Bhaiya said, PICKit is the best, and PICKit2 clone I got just in Rupees 1600 (32$, including shipping), delivered to my door step. It is doing just superb.

    Extract from my blog:
    Programmer used: PICKit2 (USB Based PIC ICSP Programmer). PICKit3 can also be used provided it is latest and all issues fixed.

    Source for PICKit2:

    There were certainly issues in in PICKit3. Last month I attended a full day seminar in Intercontinental Hotel, Nehru Place, New Delhi, organised by Microchip, during question hour, I showed them the video firing Mr. Deck Head due to PICKit3 issues.
    Link to video;
    I clearly asked them "Pl. confirm that all the issues have been resolved and there is no issue in PICKit3"
    They said, they will get back.

    So if you can get PICKit2 in as low as 32$ at doorstep then why to spend 50$.


  • T3
    @Chris Bosak,

    I am not going to respond to your "trolling", but if I did, I would point out to you that the hardware resources and interrupt architecture of the dsPIC30F4011 allows us to run the DCM algorithm, sample the A/Ds at 500 samples/sec per channel, send out telemetry at 4 Hz, interface with a uBlox at 4 Hz, perform waypoint calculations at 4 Hz (which will be raised to 40 Hz when we implement dead-reckoning), and stabilize and point a video camera at a target point in space, using less than 10% of the processing power of a single CPU running at 16 Mhz.

    But, I am not going to go for your bait. ;-)

    By the way, I am a big fan of yours. I enjoy reading your posts.

    Best regards,
  • 3D Robotics
    Thanks, Bill. I stand corrected on the PICkit 3. I just read all the complaints and assumed they were true. Glad to hear that it works fine!
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    I am currently recommending either the PICkit3 or the PICkit2 for programming the UAV DevBoard. I bought one of each and thoroughly tested them, they both work fine. Plus, if you use either them, you can get help from Microchip tech support.

    I take exception to your reference to the "dubious PICkit III". Its not clear to me why there have been complaints about the PICkit3. As far as I can see, it out performs the PICkit2 and the ICD2. I saw a video that denigrated the PICkit3, and I am not sure I agree with its claims.

    Also, you can buy just the PICkit3 for $45 direct from Microchip, which is $5 cheaper than the one that you refer to, and only $10 more than the PICkit2.

    Presently, I am using the PICkit3 exclusively for my development work.

    Best regards,
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    'Microchip PIC vs Atmel AVR"
    Of course AVR is the winner all the time, as expected (sorry, just practicing trolling).

    Agree this is a waste of time to try making your own programmer when the gyro+accelero costs equally as much (you see, here in the skies we are making BIG BUDGET robotics research - a programmer's price is negligible 60USD=60USD!).
  • i think, unless you want to put it yourself, better get a pickit 3 from ebay
    they go about $60.
    i think it is better to have something proven and teste, as when you debug something, you don't want an extra fail link
    take a look at:
  • But how do you program the programmer?
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