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  • Yes I might quote unclarify statement but anyway I'm not interested with it and will just stick with apm/pixhawk. Waiting for my ordered AUAV-X2 and later pixhawk-2 when it available (this year I hope).

  • 3D Robotics
    Gary: check the discussion thread on that product. The users who already have one figured out what was inside
  • Hi Suryana,

    I am flying with several PX4 FMU/IO and from looking at the case, I can tell connectors available are different.

    The PX4 supports only PPM in whereas the P2 supports multi channels of PWM in.

    Also the P2 appears to have only 6 output channels which limits it to hexacopters whereas octos are supported on PX4IO.

    If this is actually compatible firmware wise and software wise with the PX4 or Pixhawk, I would really like to see evidence of an actual hookup through Mission Planner and current 3.2 or better, 3.3rc1 Beta firmware being able to download to it and functioning on it.

    If that is possible, that would be awesome and much better than APM compatibility because APM is frozen at 3.2 and will not support PX4FLOW.

    Although I do expect if it is compatible, Craig will probably want to have a word with them about their obligations regarding open source / open hardware disclosure and support.

    Best Regards,


  • From RCgroup : This P2 is a simplified version of px4 v1. MPU6000+MS5611+STM32F405RGT6+24LC128 EEPROM,exactly the same.
  • I think the best bang for the buck is the Naza M Lite with the V2 firmware on it. About $50 with the LED and PMU unit on ebay. Another 50 will get you a Naza compatible GPS receiver.  I have rock sold performance and zero issues with mine.

  • Hi Chris,

    I looked over their documentation and although, functionally it looks pretty similar to the Naza (or Naza clone Naze) controllers.

    I don't see any indication of APM or Mission Planner compatibility and their capabilities seem a very small subset of the current APM list.

    Possibly you could clarify.

    I do think we will eventually see a ton of these controllers especially because of the 250 size FPV racing craze.

    Best Regards,


  • You mean "real deal for double" instead of "a little bit more."

    A flight controller shouldn't cost 80% of the total cost of my build.

  • I saw these come out today too, think ill wait for a few reviews and documentation to come out before I think about buying. 

  • Yeah, what indication do we have this is APM and/or Arducopter?

    I really don't know why anybody would buy another flight controller from some new Chinese company.  These things usually turn out to be janky with no support whatsoever.  When you can get the real deal for just a little bit more...

    Do people just not value their spare time?

  • Yes! That's why quanton now costs 116,62€ (incl. Tax) here . No GPS, No Power module, No Case, No GPS, No external LED, No Pins - just price and old sensors.

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