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Over the past couple of weeks I have been busy reworking my original APM Mission Planner. Together with my partner/designer Samantha Nelson we have focused on improving the APM Planner’s interface, ideally resulting in a more intuitive user experience.   

Below are a couple screenshots of the new APM Planner!





APM Planner Version 1.0.0 can be downloaded here -

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  • chris:

    • install on xp 
    • i used Mission Planner 1.0.82 
    • framework is 2.0    


    ok i will tray framework is 3.5, i hope it's gonna work. :-)


  • 3D Robotics

    Adi: are you using the latest Mission Planner 1.0.82 on a machine with framework 3.5 installed? That's automatic on Win7 but on XP you've got to install it yourself. (This is all in the manual, BTW)

  • Hello.
    when i tray to running this one, i got this error report:

    EventType : clr20r3     P1 : ardupilotmegaplanner.exe     P2 :    
    P3 : 4e95968e     P4 : mscorlib     P5 :     P6 : 4333ab80     P7 : bd0
    P8 : 59     P9 : system.formatexception

    how i can fix it??.

    many thanks for help :))




  • Hi Michael-

    The planner gets better every day!  We are so close to actual missions - any idea when 2.0.39 will be downloadable in planner?

  • Developer

    Hi Dario,


    What you are asking i cant change.
    at the moment the current frame rate is based entirely upon your cpu speed. because im drawing over the top of a image, this consumes alot more cpu than using a overlay. Also the image scaling should fit any res screen into that box, so i dont know why yours is outside of that. it would be a overscan issue with your capture device. My suggestion would be to use another program AMCAP ? to display your fpv, and dont run the planner full screen. as this will give you the best posible video performance.



  • Developer

    Hi Michael,

    Congratulations for your amazing job! It´s awesome!

    The AP Mega Planner looks impresive, it´s more than a professional gcs, it´s all in one!


    I use the Remzibi OSD (maybe you remember my issue about the "enable hud overlay" option), and I use PAL format. When I activate my video Input in AP Planner, some data don´t appear properly because the Planner doesn´t adecuate the video resolution. Could that be solved?


    Other thoughts,... It´s possible to increment the video frame rate in the Planner? I think now is about 15 fps...Could be 25 fps?

    And the last, Can I set up the Planner to open my video input and disable the hud overlay from start (when I open the Planner)?

    I don´t open a new issue in the repository because I think those comments are not a issues, just an enhancements.




    Thanks for your time and for your effort. (Sorry about my English mistakes).


    Regards from Spain,


  • It is not a big deal, but I think the simulator tab needs to be reorganized. It is better to design a few zones to separate the buttons, settings and status.

  • I have noticed an occasional bug happening for past few weeks. When I get a new version I do first time setup. The radio numbers come out fine, but the unit yaws badly to the right at takeoff.  I then just run radio setup in cli and I am good to go. This has happened several times in different versions (again today for 2.0.38,  planner 1.0.47), I wonder if some of the complaints Jason gets about yaw really relate to this. Anyway, radio setup in cli fixed it every time.

    Thanks, Michael -  this thing gets cooler everyday!

  • thx

  • Developer
    Vincent, this is on my todo list. i have the icon, just need to make it change
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