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Over the past couple of weeks I have been busy reworking my original APM Mission Planner. Together with my partner/designer Samantha Nelson we have focused on improving the APM Planner’s interface, ideally resulting in a more intuitive user experience.   

Below are a couple screenshots of the new APM Planner!





APM Planner Version 1.0.0 can be downloaded here -

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  • Developer
    have a look on the flight data tab
  • Hello, fabulous Mission Planner design, well done!

    In the Configuration screen, there are 3 tabs, the third one 'Planner' offer a selection of Video devices. I can select my computer's webcam and press START and the light comes on, but nothing else happens.

    Is this screen intended for FPV video over Xbee perhaps. Or could you explain what it does please?



  • Beautiful!  Blew me away the first time I brought up the new one!
  • awww 1.0.3 now :o) btw Michael awesome job to you and Sam on the design..... see you at the field next time :o)
  • Developer
    for all those that dont know version 1.0.2 is out, which fixes the zoom issue. to update goto "help" > "check for updates"
  • The new planner is awesome! However it would be nice if in future planners you could zoom in more on the google map especially for us flying quads.
  • Developer

    Hello, I have successfully tested the new APM Planner v1.01 from Michael Oborne with the X-Plane v9 via the HIL protocol connected on my ArduPilotMega 2560... Good work Michael.

    Regards, Jean-Louis


  • Aaron, you can use APM planer 0.9 in linux under mono. Just install mono and run:

    mono bin/Release/ArdupilotMegaPlanner.exe


    The newer 1.0 version does not run as good under mono, but it also "kind-of-works".

  • Thanks, Chris! Hoping to try 2.0 this weekend. Qgroundcontrol looks like excellent software too.
  • 3D Robotics
    Aaron: Qgroundcontrol works under Linux. And all setup can be done via the CLI in any operating system. Please see the manual for more:
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