By Tully Foote on January 13, 2016

From Lentin Joseph

Here is a new book for mastering your skills in Robot Operating System(R.O.). The book title is "Mastering R.O.S for Robotics Programming" and this is one of the advance book on R.O.S currently available in the market. 
This book discussing advanced concepts in robotics and how to implement it using R.O.S. It starts with deep overview of the R.O.S framework, which can give you a clear idea of how R.O.S really works. During the course of the book, you will learn how to build models of complex robots, and simulate and interface the robot using the R.O.S MoveIt! and R.O.S navigation stack.
After discussing, robot manipulation and navigation in robots, you will get to grip with the interfacing of I/O boards, sensors, and actuators to R.O.S. 
One of the essential ingredients of robots are vision sensors, and an entire chapter is dedicated to the vision sensors and its interfacing in R.O.S.
You can also see the hardware interfacing and simulation of complex robots in R.O.S and R.O.S Industrial. 
Finally, you will get to know the best practices to follow while programming in R.O.S.
There are 12 chapters and 481 pages on this book. The main contents of the book are given below
  1. Introduction to R.O.S and its package management
  2. Working with 3D robot modeling in R.O.S
  3. Simulating  robots using R.O.S and Gazebo
  4. Using the R.O.S MoveIt! And Navigation stack
  5. Working with Pluginlib, Nodelets and Gazebo plugins
  6. Writing R.O.S controllers and visualization plugin
  7. Interfacing I/O boards, sensors and actuators to R.O.S
  8. Programming Vision sensors using R.O.S, Open-CV and P.C.L
  9. Building  and interfacing differential drive mobile robot hardware in R.O.S
  10. Exploring the advanced capabilities of R.O.S MoveIt!
  11. R.O.S for Industrial Robots
  12. Troubleshooting and best practices in R.O.S
This book is written by Lentin Joseph who is the CEO/Founder of a Robotic startup called Qbotics Labs from India. He is also an author of a book called "Learning Robotics using Python" which is also about R.O.S. 
The book uses R.O.S Indigo and installed on latest Ubuntu L.T.S 14.04.03. The codes are also compatible with R.O.S Jade. 
The book is designed in such a way that even beginners can take up all topics. If you are a robotics enthusiast or researcher who wants to learn more about building robot applications using R.O.S, this book is for you. In order to learn from this book, you should have a basic knowledge in R.O.S, GNU/Linux, and C++ programming concepts. The book will also be good for professionals who want to explore more features of R.O.S.
The book is published by PACKT and here are the links to buy the book
You will get complete information about the book from book website
Full article here
If you want to master the Robot Operating System, this book seems like a good resource to start with.
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  • Hi Thomas,

    I am already downloading the Kindle Apple version to my wife's Ipad and will let you all know what I think of it.

    486 pages should be able to provide pretty thorough coverage.

    Already looking at it, 3 things pop out,.

    1. the book is indeed thorough and very well written.

    2. ROS is a heavy duty application and it requires a lot of study to become proficient at (or even capable of producing anything useful).

    3. You will probably need a Linux terminal setup and it is probably easier to do everything in Linux, so a good book on Linux would probably be a worthwhile addition for those of us more familiar with Windows.

    If you are already a Linux Guru ignore 3 above.

    My initial conclusion, ROS is still not easy, but with Microsoft killing it's Robot Developer system, it is now the only game in town and it is very powerful, so if you want to do robots, ROS is really the only reasonable way ahead and I have already seen enough of this book to believe it is absolutely essential both for learning ROS and as a reference to those already using it.

    I don't know if it's perfect yet, but it is the only serious book on ROS available and if you want to do or are doing ROS you need it.

    It is written clearly and in a logical progression, by somebody who DOES know ROS.



  • Admin

    Hi Gary,

    I have been pondering purchasing the book myself as I do have a Kindle also.


    Tom C AVD

  • Thank You for bringing us this Tom,

    Already ordered from Amazon who will give you the Kindle addition for only $2.99 as an add on to the print addition.

    The Book itself is $54.99, but if it provides a solid (and usable) introduction to ROS it will be well worth it.

    Of course, I hold you - Tom entirely responsible for it's value.

    Just kidding - looks good to me too.



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