New Build, arducopter V2



After the crash of my stock arducopter due to a dying battery on my controller I had to rebuild.

The result of my rebuild pleases me a lot, for one I decreased the weight by almost 500 gr. The total weight with a camera and battery (not shown) is ~1400 gr. Adding telemetry will increase the weight only marginally and there is still plenty of space in the canopy for FPV gear.



standard jDrones arducopter electronics but with the new APM 2.0 (it arrived :) ).

Motor AC2830-358, 850Kv

jDrones ESC 20 Amp

and power distribution board.

4S 3000mA 25C battery pack

sexycopter black crow 4 fibreglass frame

50mm sexycopter landing legs, the landing legs are not compatible with the black crow frame but this was easily solved with an additional aluminium frame (with minimal extra weight).

Finally, a very strong DVD spindel.

All adding up to ~1400gr !!! if my final spinner and propeller / telemetry arrives next week I will start test flights.




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  • In one of my recent Quadcopter crashes, the prop hit the ground while spinning at full speed, this smashed the prop and bent the shaft of “AC2830-358 850Kv”. This is one of the disadvantages of having a thin shaft. I’m planning to replace it with adapters like the ones pointed by Ramon but till now I could not find the way on how to remove the shaft. Last resort will be cutting it :(

  • @Ramon

    Yes, I've noticed that the spinners are a weak point. Do you have a link to a shop that sells those spinners? And how did you shorten the shaft? Can you just take it out or not?

  • put some weak threadlocker on the shaft. Make sure it sets then put the spinner on with an allenkey for leverage. 

  • This is the prop adapter im talking about, yo will need the 30.8mm short-shaft for them!


  • Those motors are great!, I have them on my quad and they perform exceptional! The only thing that you need to be carefull with is with the prop adapters... I crash my quad at 1 ft from the ground because one of the prop adapters slipped-off from the shaft after applying a sudden high input of throttle.., after that I ordered short shaft and change the prop adapters to the one that is mounted directly on the motor bell. The change in Prop adapter will decrease vibration a little bit and bring confidence at moments where you need to suddenly accelerate, or increase throttle rapidly. 

    Good design you have there!, Like the ESC mounted under the prop tips!  Cooling is crucial! hehe, I also have mine like that! 

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