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New Communications Specialist in 3DR Tijuana


Hello DIY Drones Community! I am Daniel Iglesias, 3DR's the new Communications Specialist down at the Tijuana plant (where a lot of the magic happens). I am thrilled to join this awesome team of brilliant minds that work together to bring you the finest products.

Here in Tijuana we assemble a lot of pieces used in our products like the Pixhawk, PMs, etc. as well as UAVs like the Iris and Areo. We also run tests like the Pixhawk jig test to ensure the top quality of our products.


It's incredible to think of all the limitless options and creations that can come up from these tiny pieces when put together by all of you.

We interested in seeing the projects you are working on so please share some pictures and tell us about your creations, we would love to hear from you :)

Thanks and have a good week,


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