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As a member of Arducopter (maybe not so active anymore) I have started my own business on the side line.  Its call Vertical Limits Aerial Photography.  Recently I have just put up my website and then also decided to market some DIYDrones products directly in South African markets.  I don't have e-commerce as yet and would first try the market out to see how big it is.  I have a lot of experience in using DIYDrones products and thought I could help many possible clients out in the country.  My main focus will be on providing preassembled kits (no soldering required, and pretested).  I will also preload firmware on the autopilot which I believe proofs to be the most stable at the time of your purchase.  I myself make use of this products on a daily business.  My website gets updated on a regular basis (doing it myself and looks a bit unpolished).

I have also decided to put some specific kids together which I believe could server some clients better.  My products will not be as cheap as other suppliers but I hope my knowledge and additional services would proof to be worth the price.

See attached some videos I have done lately:

Scottburgh Video Dec 2011 using my Hexa APM1 with 2.0.49 firmware.  FPV flying.

Bixler flight 200m high using APM1 with 2.24 firmware.  FPV flying.  Auto Pilot


Some Pictures of Hexa, Quad, Octa, Heli and Plane:
















































Trust you love it.






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  • @Crondelaar,  I agree with you.  Fying the copter or plane FPV (accending and decending) to have the least vibrations is a challenge not to mention getting the perfect shot.

  • @Andre, You can see these guys have been around for some time.  I would still be scared to fly over people even if I have the latest and best equipment.  There is still the risk factor.  But it is very good material.

  • Oh my word! That video looks so professional and Steady!

    Amazing stuff...

  • Would like to add a "Like" to your comment Bradley...


    @Hein, Good luck with your wishlist... Getting to a point where images and video are acceptable for re-sale takes some time and lots of practice..

  • Hi Bradley,

    I am also using Cell C for internet and I have flown many times waypoint navigation and then use the internet (cell C) and mission planner to setup my waypoints with my Bixler connected by Xbee 900Mhz and I can not remember that I ever experience communication problems with that setup.  So maybe its not that much of a big issue as we have been told or think to have.  I tend to agree with you.  I don't think we have to worry to much about it.

  • Guys, this is SA, we cant even catch the criminals, so do you really think someone is going to stop you from using the 900Mhz Band??

    The only people that will stop is the the people like me that are using Cell C internet, on the 900Mhz Band... Maybe thats why half the time the internet Dongle doesnt work... :P

  • Hi Blake,

    I have never been approach of stop using Xbee 900Mhz it.  And 2.4Ghz will not work if you have a radio of 2.4Ghz.

  • Hi Andre,

    Mostly wish list at the moment.  Yet we did some experience in flying with my plane FPV flying and did some calculations that there is potential for doing game counting and even trying to put some kits together for farmers to do it themselves.  Yet more test will have to be conducted.  AUW of my plane is about 1.5kg including camera.  Then I suspect flights times of between 20 - 30 min.  Range not more then 1km line of site but that is a lot of square km.  I am planning to use the GoPro for game counting.  Its got a wide angle lens and you can record video and see all together.  I am also looking at a bigger plane frame and then maybe can get a longer flight time.  Pleas contact me at if you think I can be of help to you. Domain Homepage
    The Domain Homepage - contains pertinent and detailed information specific to South African domain registrations
  • Re 900Mhz, it violates ICASA spectrum regulations. That's GSM band. But that said, anyone been asked to stop using a 900M Xbee locally yet?

    And finding 2.4G Xbee's is another story alltogether :/
  • Sorry Johann for getting you past wrong.  So looks like e-commerce is the way to go but it could be a pain aswell.

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