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New drone magazine from Discover

3689639305?profile=originalLooks pretty generic but the fact that they're launching a mag is probably a sign of the times...From Discover:

Whether you’re curious about the ethics of unmanned aerial vehicles in law enforcement or itching to break into the quadcopter hobby, Drone 360 is packed with ideas and information to help you get started!

You'll find:
  • Everything you need to know to get started with drones, from equipment reviews to FAA flight rules and photography how-tos.
  • An exploration of the serious side of drones, including military and law enforcement applications, and ethics.
  • Drones in the news: The curious, the cool, and the truly bizarre.
  • How drone technology will change search and rescue operations and emergency response.
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  • Indeed, the photo shows an iPad version.
  • @Thomas J Coyle   AMA's magazine is an interesting example of a magazine\organization changing course. Just a few years ago it was almost exclusively traditional RC and now there is a lot more information regarding autopilots, autonomous flight, and multirotors. another sign of the times.

  • Admin

    @Andrew Rabbitt,

    Like the AMA's magazine, there is probably an online digital edition.



  • A magazine?  How very '90s! :)

  • Moderator

    Interesting that to protect and serve is their lead. I think we are still in the early adopters stage and interest is already huge. Must be about 1936 now ;-)

  • Hi Chris,

    It may be generic, but it's also main stream and a sure sign that our "hobby" is really starting to pick up speed.

    Of course, YOU are actually personally responsible for a significant portion of that.



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