Agricultural drones have gone from being questioned by the market to being actively promoted by the government, from tens of thousands to thousands of dollars. Behind this is the rise of technology in the entire industry. EFT focuses on the R&D of agricultural drone frame, provides cost-effective assembly drone solutions, and promotes the prosperity and development of global agricultural drones.

Japan and Korea

The land is fragmented and shortage of agricultural labor , so the smart and efficient agricultural drone spraying has become a popular feature of the local farming community.


EFT drone frame equipped with localized high-tech software, flight above the fields

Southeast Asia

In the main production areas dominated by small farmers, due to the worsening climate, frequent floods and disease disasters, agricultural drones are undoubtedly a low-cost and efficient choice for agricultural machinery


Industrious local youths have developed a new spraying service job to make more money with their own DIY drones

Latin America

Crops are one of the main sources of income for the people of Latin America. However, due to uneven economic development, ordinary farmers still rely on traditional labor. Low-cost agricultural machinery is key to boosting local agriculture.


DIY, assembled spray drones are improving local farming practices


Brazil is one of the three major crops exporting countries. The development of agricultural technology is very important .As a new agricultural production tool, agricultural drones are being adopted by more and more farmers. And leading the whole South America .


Localized and diversified reprocessing drones, which deeply meet the needs of the local market


European countries with strict requirements on the environment still maintain a conservative attitude towards agricultural drones, but new customizable drone solutions are being accepted by industrial powers such as Britain, France and Spain.


New solutions, new breakthroughs

The agricultural drone industry has broken the fixed and standardized solution and moved towards a modular and customized solution.Form a localized and diversified development trend.EFT toward the industry trend, constantly develops new products, and looks forward to in-depth cooperation with more and more customers, developing hand in hand.

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