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New: Dronecode Probe


From Pavel Kirienko: 
NicaDrone has just released the first batch of DroneCode Probe - open source, open hardware JTAG/SWD debugger and USB/UART adapter compatible with the hardware maintained by DroneCode and suitable for UAV and robotic projects in general.
  • Debugging via standard GDB.
  • No extra software is required (e.g. unlike Open OCD, no daemon is needed).
  • Works with Linux, Mac and Windows.
  • Works with Eclipse and other IDE.
  • Supports STM32, LPC11, LM3S - see the full list.
  • Tiny form-factor.
  • Standard DroneCode and ARM connectors.
The probes can be ordered from NicaDrone:
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  • Sorry to say Wyatt, "JTAG/SWD debugger and USB/UART adapter" says exactly what it is also, the way you phrased your initial question could be taken just as or more rude than how you perceive Gary to be.

    Rule of thumb for forums is that, if you don't understand something do a search first (on the net you are never more than four or so inches from a Google search box). That way you can ask informed questions rather than demand others get you up to speed on something you may not be interested in to begin with. 

  • gary if you comment like that you prolly shoulndt be on this site that was rude and inconsiderate...

    is that how you learn or treat people in life..

    i learn by asking what it is there was no description of what exactly it is or does just specs... i dont read minds

  • In short it's an in-circuit debugger, which allows to put breakpoint in the code, check the memory and registers values, etc all on the real running hardware.

  • Moderator

    If you have to ask Wyatt its probably not for you ;-)

  • It is just another third party Black Magic Probe based hardware.

    You can find the original Open Source Hardware here:


  • firstly this mentions nothing of what it does.. what the $%$^$ is it?

This reply was deleted.