New FlytSIM to Simulate Apps built using FlytOS Drone APIs and SDKs

FlytSIM is Now Available! Learn more and Download FlytSIM here: 

FlytSIM is 3D Simulator for Drone Apps. It helps developers in the development & testing of drone applications at the comfort of their Laptop/Desktop.

Developers can get access to FlytOS Drone APIs, SDKs, & FlytSIM, and start building applications in ROS, C++, Python, Rest or Websocket.

FlytSIM offers an SITL simulation environment for testing user apps without the drone hardware. The drones and a virtual world are simulated using an ROS-Gazebo based setup. The autopilot in simulation uses the same control algorithms as on the FC/CC making the behavior closer to real flight.

This offers developers a pleasant drone application development experience while keeping it safe, and saving them a huge amount of time and effort.
Start building your drone application. Download FlytSIM today!

You can also try out our demo code/apps in FlytSIM

Refer to the documentation to install and learn more about FlytSIM

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