New, lower prices for RTF ArduCopters and ArduPlanes at uDrones (APM2.5, 3DR uBlox GPS come standard!)

Now that uDrones is a 3DR subsidiary and we've moved half of the electronics production there, uDrones is able to lower prices and provide the latest 3DR electronics. That means that the ready-to-fly ArduCopter Quad now comes with APM 2.5 and the new, awesome 3DR uBlox 6 GPS for $799 (assembled and ready to go; just add your own RC gear and battery)

The RTF ArduCopter Hexa, also with APM 2.5 and the 3DR uBlox 6 is $899.

And ArduPlane, also with the upgrade to APM 2.5, is now $50 cheaper at $599.

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