Parrot launched some fun new mini drones this morning that are about to make your drone educational programs even more awesome, particularly access to the Parrot SDK for app development.  Here is a nice writeup in TechCrunch and more details on the Parrot webpage.

Introducing 'Swing',  a new vertical takeoff, transitional vehicle. This thing is really fast and comes with a nice new bluetooth controller that makes piloting mini drones even easier.  Swing is definitely unique!

'Mambo' is an upgraded quad with power out of the Lego-style bricks to run accessories, including a little cannon for light plastic pellets and a claw for picking up and dropping things.  For you DIY folks, the interesting thing here is that power is available to solder on other accessories (think Raspberry Pi, LEDs, etc...).  


For the educators out there, when combined with the Tickle app for programming, this should make your drone classes even more interesting (e.g. whichever team drops the pin the closest to the target on an autonomous mission through an classroom obstacle course wins).

So while you are studying for your Part 107 exam, lets remember to have a little fun! 

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  • Awesome,.written about it in my blog inspired by this. Http://bestedronekopen.nl/quadcopter-met-camera
  • Yes, Free Flight Pro is the new app for Disco and Bebop 2.  Did it autoupdate?  I still see Free Flight 3 on my phone.  

    There is another free version on the store called Free Flight Mini for the mini drones.  This is the one you want.  



  • Well, that was short lived.

    I went to fly the Cargo Drone yesterday, and I see that FreeFlight 3 app was upgraded to FreeFlight Pro, which I guess is designed to control the larger drones via WiFi.  I can't fly my Cargo drone now.  Am I missing something?

  • @James, the basic version is actually just a few lines of code to add but we are doing some more testing since the parameters to perform the Vx-Vz control without bothering about the transition, depend on the vehicle. 

  • Hey Rob.

    I actually got the hydrofoil version here in Aus for $59 and fly that thing for funsies at lunch whenever I can. It's actually really awesome, even more so with a bluetooth controller like this: 

    Ipega Controller

    I was so impressed I got a few more for the boys, and a handful of batteries. The hydrofoil attachment works really well too.

    Will be definitely getting my hands on one of these once they are finally released in Australia! 

  • Moderator

    Now tell us if the Sequoia fits in the back of the Disco ;-) Some great product launches from there recently. You lead and others try and catch up.

  • Updated now.

  • Ok, that's cool, but you should probably have a Parrot badge under your avatar just so people know.

  • Yeah, I am in the Parrot San Francisco office.  So know the ins and outs of hardware/software.

  • Hi Greg, are you working for Parrot?

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