Parrot launched some fun new mini drones this morning that are about to make your drone educational programs even more awesome, particularly access to the Parrot SDK for app development.  Here is a nice writeup in TechCrunch and more details on the Parrot webpage.

Introducing 'Swing',  a new vertical takeoff, transitional vehicle. This thing is really fast and comes with a nice new bluetooth controller that makes piloting mini drones even easier.  Swing is definitely unique!

'Mambo' is an upgraded quad with power out of the Lego-style bricks to run accessories, including a little cannon for light plastic pellets and a claw for picking up and dropping things.  For you DIY folks, the interesting thing here is that power is available to solder on other accessories (think Raspberry Pi, LEDs, etc...).  


For the educators out there, when combined with the Tickle app for programming, this should make your drone classes even more interesting (e.g. whichever team drops the pin the closest to the target on an autonomous mission through an classroom obstacle course wins).

So while you are studying for your Part 107 exam, lets remember to have a little fun! 

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  • I designed this K frame one which might actually work a bit better.


    At least the wings would actually work like proper wings even if it does look like Snoopy ought to be flying it.

    But the Parrot one is a light weight foam toy and looks like it should handle running into the side of the house a few time

  • 3D Robotics

    I've got experience with the X Plus One and it's unflyable. Impossible to see orientation in forward flight. Perhaps in fully autonomous mode it can work, but heaven help the pilot who actually tries to control it.


  • I've always imagined a Tail-sitting VTOL X-Wing Fighter. Takes off and initially flies like a multi-rotor with the nose vertical, but then as forward flight creates more and more lift on the wing surfaces, it would progress into forward flight bringing the nose down to horizontal. best example is the flying xmas tree *link below... Why do we waste all the weight and energy with complicated setups like tilting of engines...

    RC Flying Christmas Tree by Otto Dieffenbach

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