New Payload for mini UAVs

NEW Gimbal


Gimbal Capabilities

  • Size (DxH): 100mm x 129mm or 3.9in x 5.0in
  • Weight: 695g or 1.5lb
  • Power: 12W
  • Position Accuracy: 0.022° or 380µrad
  • Elevation: ±115°
  • Azimuth: 360° Continuous
  • Slew Rate: 105°/s or 1.83rad/s

Video Output

  • Analogue Output: Composite
  • Digital Output: .h264 up to 10Mbps
  • Snapshots: HD (Stored on Board)
  • Streaming: EO 720 x 576 and IR 640 x 480


The Latest Gyro-Stabilized Multi-Sensor


  • Dual Sensor - EO and IR in the Same Unit
  • No ITAR or Export Restrictions
  • Low Size, Weight, Power and Cost
  • IP63 Rating

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  • Is it possible to couple the gimbal interface board of CM100 with pixhawk so that we can  have a geolock feature and pixhawk can modify the flight path accordingly to enable this geolock ???

  • @Lyn: Do you have a photo for it?

  • @ Elios: Sadly I no longer have the unit, I was made an offer I could not refuse and parted with it! As I said I did not purchase the gimbal, I built it, from a Sony 980 block camera I had hanging around. I purchased the Thermotechnik ir unit at great expense (nearly $4000). The 3D printed parts were a favor from a 3D printing company my place of work does business with!

  • @lyn Rees:  From where you bought the 3D gimbal? can we have the link please.

  • Does anyone know from where we can buy the enclosure only Or similar?
  • do these come with brushless motors or servo for pan & tilt?

  • I've seen the price somewhere, it's about $20K

  • If the cost is what I heard it would not be so much for military/surveillance application, compared to other gimbals in the market. I see the Procerus/Lokheed Martin one at about 30 thousands without a zoom lens...

  • So when you say very cost effective, what price range are you talking about? Last I had heard is these were in the $20,000 range with IR sensors. I noticed a lot of dancing around actually naming a price range.

  • Did I really say "Gumball" obviously that should have been gim:-).

This reply was deleted.