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  • I agree with John Dennings, the optical flow + sonar sensor needs to be addressed especially if the inspire 1 is using the $2 HC-SR04 sensor which Ardupilot has been dismissive of:


  • Good stuff, Lots of innovation and can't be beat as far as simple plug and play commercial package. If that optical flow feature works well it's going to be killer .... 3DR better wake up ... fast.

    But "Hollywood calibre drone"?

    Please. That video quality, oversharpened and all,  is barely above your average security camera. Reminiscent of crappy vision+. Not even comparable to Gopro quality, let alone pro cameras like gh4.

  • This looks pretty cool actually.  Very polished.  It looks like a lot of money went into it.  At that price of $3400 (you save $150), it will keep most people on the phantom 2.  

    I'd rather build my own, though. 

  • They are owning it. Great execution.

  • Definitely, this is a brilliant design IMO. The dual function arms/landing gear, if it doesn't save weight now, it will in next versions. I'm thinking it probably does as it is now though. Sure beats separate retracts. Looks like its optical flow/sonar is modular as well for future improvements as is the camera.

    Simply put, I like it. At this time, I don't see it as overpriced. Curious to see how it will stand a couple of hundred flights. 

  • It's a stunning design and an awesome bit of kit, even though it's way overpriced.  As a complete commercial package It's light years ahead of anything 3DR offers.  However, the 'nextgen' pieces that diydrones/apm/3dr are building now, starting with the major 3.2 release, could come up with a much more interesting version of this for considerably less money.  

    The inverted-retracts can't be hard to replicate (the inspire version looks a little fragile), work is already underway to integrate optical flow into EKF (and surely they've started to think about an optical flow+lidar version which would be way cooler than the inspire sonar-based unit), and the 'lightbridge' is not rocket science and is already in the early stages of being replicated for a fraction of the price here using off the shelf technology.

    It should be recognised as a really interesting and innovative product and good for the industry - it raises the bar and will push other projects ahead.

  • What I find so amusing is that this team of Numbties, despite all of the high end investment in gear can't even hold a straight and level horizon. Why don't they give the promo productions to professionals. who know what they are doing. That video sucks, does it not! Would you pay 4,000 bucks for a machine that has so much lens distortion and can't even stay level.

    At least do some basic editing before releasing it to the public domain. 2 out of 10 at best....

  • I am thinking after watching promotion video of Inspire 1.

    It looks like enough that retractable camera and gimbal will protect and provide good sight for the camera.

    Perfect marketing gimmick!

  • So:

    Retractable arms
    360 degree gimbal
    Uses an Optical Flow sensor
    18 mins flight time 
    camera 4k
    New remote
    dual controller compatible
    HD ipad & iphone video transmitter
    $2899 basic
    $3399 gimbal
    controller$650 each

    ....And a whole bunch or Ardupilot/Droidplanner similarities.

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