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  • It looks cool but I hope those DJI engineers are improving on the reliability factor. I've had too many issues with various DJI components and the customer service I've experienced is very lack luster. "Buy our stuff, just don't ask us for help when it's defective."
  • Gary, yes, exactly.  This must have come from the marketing department, not engineering.

    I'm surprised they didn't just call it the Bird of Prey.  Does it have a cloaking device?

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    @ Rob a quad is only two sticks with four motors attached to them The looks probably have more of an effect on sales than the ability. 

  • Seems like a lot of effort, weight, and complexity to avoid making a simple dead-cat frame.

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    Ho ho thanks Mr Anderson, I might have found the right patent ;-)

  • I believe that the system is only designed to have a minimal fixed landing gear.
    In flight the payload is lowered to have no visual interference and probably also to stabilize the system.
    On landing he gets up to do not touch the ground.
  • Tearig - I am not sure that the pushrod system integrates any form of suspension. It appears to simply be a mechanism to keep the motors pointing vertically regardless of whether the arms are in the raised or lowered position.
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    First photos are in the wild:


  • hmm so it seem like that is a proof drawing for a patent, however it seem like a pushrod suspension and obvious so I wonder which part holds the innovation...

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