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  • My local dealer in Cyp. has had a new version Phantom for a few days. It seems to be like the old one only with bigger props.

  • I would assume this is based off China time as thats where they are based, that will make it approx 9 AM in China

  • So, middle of the night europe and evening US?
    Way to 'inspire' your main markets DJI!

    I hope they come up with something cool and innovative. Apart from their closed FC, I like DJI and their products. They do basic stuff without much fanfare or options, but they do it well.
  • This is the official live stream announcement

  • engineers never have vision for cool stuff, and I feel DJI did a great job. But there are people here, conservative, who are afraid of the future ebcause they cannot control it with their current engineering skills.

  • There is still nothing that beats a minimalist CF tube frame for rigidity (better flight performance) and low weight (increased flight times).

    I respectfully disagree..


  • The best theory that I have seen is that the arms can be actuated so the motors are either above or below a central mounted camera.  This way you can get shots from above, as well as level or below level with the target.

  • Guys. The trailer is showing you what the copter's frame does.

  • MR60

    Looking at the patent mechanism, this is certainly not a folding mechanism (and logically it would be stupid to do so in a such complicated way). It rather looks to me to be a system that allows to modify the angle of the arms  in an opposite complementary angle: when one raises, the other goes down.

    Now, what would be the use of that? In a forward flight, it allows to maintain constant thrust (avoid the descend effect we see on arducopter when flying fast forward which forces to increase throttle to maintain altitude). However this must not be it as the mechanism séems to act on the roll axis!?


  • That looks very complicated for the intended purpose.
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