The massive Mexican flag flying on the Cuauhtémoc at Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. (photo: Flitelab)

A new podcast, The WorkNotWork Show, recently launched on iTunes and the premier episode will be of interest both to would-be drone entrepreneurs and those already operating a drone business: we interview Mark Langille of Flitelab, a successful drone business based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

In the show we talk to Mark about how he got started, the ins-and-outs of getting past the early stages of establishing his business, the current challenges facing the industry as well as both the science and art of drone photography and video.  We also ask Mark for advice for others who are contemplating doing something similar.

The WorkNotWork Show is going to be a continuing series covering those who have managed to turn their passion into their profession in a variety of fields.  It is anticipated that a number of episodes will feature people and businesses focused on the use of drones in a variety of scenarios. Subscribing to The WorkNotWork Show is entirely free.

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