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  • The features of this airframes were explained before. I don't think a good idea to duplicate the information. This post was just to inform the community about the launch special prices but I think was not well received. So if you prefer, I can delete it.

  • Better use for stuff like this would be partnership/sponsorship to DIY drones. Ie, if a sale made from a banner/article DIYdrones get a %age to help maintain the site. Isnt that how most commerical.advert stuff happens? Often this is advertised in a circulating banner on the top of the page ?


  • Good point, I get what you're saying and totally agree! A little explanation as to why this frame is better then the hundreds of others on the market would have been useful. I too would hate to see this great site we all have come to love cluttered with vendors simply posting photos and pricing, especially if they think it's ok to do it weekly..
  • I like seeing these. They give me ideas, and sometimes there are things I want to buy. But I also slightly worried about it. This is just an advertisement. So maybe what we should do is just add a tag advertisement, so people can choose to view them or not.

  • Dave, I totally get your point. And it is a nice looking frame. However, this post adds nothing to the community -- it's just a shameless advertisement for something that was already posted earlier this weekImagine if the front page was just clogged with daily hobbyking or foxtech ads. (And in this case, ads which didn't even provide links...)

    I have no problem with posts that promote specific products, but only when they at least include some interesting content. Describe how your product is cool and innovative, or show some cool video that you took with it. Maybe mention some lessons learned in the design process, or suggestions on ways to use / modify it. Spend at least 5 seconds trying to convince me it isn't spam. Otherwise, posts like this belong in a classifieds forum. (Or in my junk email box.)

  • With all due respect Eric, not everyone has the time, knowledge, or tools to build their own frames. Many of us rely on vendors for frames and parts to then build up
  • When did we change the name of this website to B-U-Y Drones? Every other post these days is somebody trying to make a quick buck without any innovation.

This reply was deleted.