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New products in the DIY Drones store

Jordi has added a whole bunch of new products to the DIY Drones store. Here are just a few, with product descriptions: ServoSwitch (camera trigger) $18.90 "Open-source Servo Switch. I developed this board in order to be able to take air pictures and i said: Is a great product, why don't sell it too? So here it is! The theory of operation is very simple, is just an Attiny45 microcontroller that reads and decode the PWM coming from any available channel of your receiver and that will enable you to trigger the on board low-power relay to activate everything you want! From landing lights to digital cameras! And because is open-source you can download the firmware and tweak it to your own needs. The ServoSwitch comes preloaded with the lasted firmware (you can use it out of the box). Note that the terminal block and the servo cable ARE included but NOT soldered, just in case you want to adapt it "

The awesome uBlox5 adaptor board ($19.50). Allows you to use the best GPS module on the market (Sparkfun is currently out of stock, but we'll soon be selling them ourselves) as a plug and play replacement for the standard EM406: " uBlox GS406/GS407 adapter to EM406A or easy to use pin headers (-,+,Tx,RX), also is configurable for servo connector's (-,+,S), easily adaptable to your system. You can power it with 3.3V or 5V-12V. Features * Ultra clean On-board 3.3V power regulator. * Input power selector (3.3V or >=5V). * Rechargeable backup battery (2 weeks) * Super small, almost same GPS profile. * EM406 Connector (ArduPilot Ready!). * Regular pin holes for easy integration with any project."

Breakout board for the LISY300 gyro ($24.95) "ST Microelectronics LISY300AL break out board with an output rate of 300 degrees/second. The smallest board in the market and includes low pass filter. Features * Super Small 12mm x 12mm * 2.7v to 3.6v supply * Power Down Pin * Self test Pin * Low Pass Filter"

Expandable IMU board ($44.95) "Amazing combo IMU! So small that the dust over it looks huge in the pictures. Can be transformed into 4,5 and 6 degrees of freedom by just soldering two extra LISY300 Breakout board gyros that can be located here. Designed to be easily adapted into any system."

900Mhz antenna for Xbee wireless modules ($10.60) "This a great 868MHz-928MHz antenna. Ideal for xBee 900 modules and you can tilt it! Features * Operation frequency: 868MHz-928MHz. * VSWR: 2. * Gain: 3.1dBi. * Height: Whip: 6.772" (169mm). * Connector: RP-SMA. * Type: Whip: Whip: 1/8 Whip: Swivel, Tilt (Right Angle)."
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