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New report on China's booming UAV industry

China’s WJ600 Jet-Powered UAV

From my email, a promo for a new market research report. No doubt very expensive, but it's interesting (and appropriate) that China's UAV industry is finally being taken seriously. Those who think that the Chinese UAV companies are just cloning Western designs are badly out of date.

From the email:
"As predicted in the two most recent Market Intel Group (MiG) technology and market forecasts on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), China is pushing aerial drone research and development aggressively. That is also the conclusion of a recent Wall Street Journal article on a major Chinese air show

Market Intel Group’s research reports, titled: “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for Counter-Insurgency – Market & Technologies Outlook - 2010-2015” and “Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for Border Security – Market & Technologies Outlook - 2010-2015.” identify regions, applications, strategies and types of platforms that will lead the rapidly emerging Counter-Insurgency and Border Security UAV markets worldwide. As part of our analysis, we identify China as one of the more aggressive and unpredictable entrants into the heated UAV market.

The WJ600 pictured here is offered as an example of recent Chinese development that is designed to position this country’s UAVs at the forefront of this competitive market. Jeremy Page, in his WSJ article, writes: "China is ramping up production of unmanned aerial vehicles in an apparent bid to catch up with the U.S. and Israel in developing technology that is considered the future of military aviation.” MiG assumes that China would sell UAVs to nations boycotted by the US and Israel. Such an assumption was also confirmed in a round-about way in this article. Page quoted a Chinese official who told him: "I can't tell you which models we have sold overseas, as that's secret, but of course we're interested in exporting them." Since UAV deployment information is mostly public domain, as well as a major marketing tool for competing vendors, keeping information about deals under wrap points to the possibility that such deals were made with countries that current major UAV vendors are reluctant to do business with.

MiG’s new UAV reports analyze, among others, Concepts of Operation, platforms, payloads, evolving markets and applications, allocations, procurement patterns and resultant changes in the rapidly evolving UAV industry worldwide."

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  • Yeah, that stuff is used in real warfare. Sadly, terrorists use much simpler and effective things. A farmer has everything a terrorist needs to take out a city block at a cost of a few hundred dollars, including the car. Remember Oklahoma City and the first WT Center attack? No terrist would even think of using those over-engineered military toys when it is so easy, and often more effective, to do mass destruction with everyday items.
    We had kids take out a school room with household chemicals a few years ago. Prior to that a school hall was almost a deadly tragedy from a dry ice bomb in trash bin. I don't recall banning or regulating dry ice or Drano as a result.
  • ok that white one looks to be a thermobaric(bunker bomb)..And the red one a MK44. lazy dog..which spreads exploding projectiles. hey i dont mind uav as a hobby but not as a line of defence.but not unwilling to counter if it came down to it.
  • The foamies are worse! Disguising these weapons of mass destruction as toys....
    I have mine hidden in the bunker with the fireworks, BB-guns, erector set and Gilbert chemistry set and other deadly items the Govt says I can't have. The gasoline I keep in a plastic can in the garage next to the chainsaw, nitrate fertilizer and pool chlorine. I also have a carry permit for my Glock and 44 Magnum and my car can do 130 MPH.

    Yup, we really need to crack down on these little flying dangers to the American way of life.

    Wish I could laugh at the paranoid populace instead of being sarcastic. Sadly, the mentally ill seem to be in the majority anymore.
  • So our government agencies are busy regulating my 2 pound foam model airplane when they have this to worry about. Hmmm.
  • Oh crud, now they are a threat to our children!
  • I think they're for lolly drops at schools...
  • LOL , those are not "BOMBS" , must be some new pesticide with shape of a bomb for their crops.
  • Are those rockets or bombs in the photo?
    Seems like more fuel for Homeland Security to ban all UAVs in the US. Hope this pic doesn't make it to national TV or we can say good buy to everything including model aviation. I can hear the newsman now, "There is no reason for anyone to own a UAV except to kill people". Remember when you could buy a deer rifle at Walmart? Now they're called "sniper rifles".
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