Yesterday when I found this group I was quite surprised with the whole project. One thing in particular I noticed was there are people that think like me. These people have come up with a device than can do the things I have wanted to do for at least twenty years.

I am not an engineer, I am an idea guy, I do a lot of research, trying to find a different way of doing things, not necessarily better just different. I have "reinvented the wheel" 4 or 5 times, know what?, it still looks like a wheel.

Last evening I uploaded a picture of the latest incarnation of my rover. Although it is pretty much the same as it's predecessors, 4 wheels, a drive train, a body for protection of the components inside it. This time I added a panel PC and some illumination devices.

Within a few moments I had a comment on what I uploaded. He brought up an important point about a suspension system, I replied with a "been there done that" comment, but it got me thinking again. There must be a way to "steal" a suspension system from another, existing, available vehicle to start with. I was thinking a quarter-scale RC chassis, perhaps 4 wheel drive, front steer, electric. Well I didn't find electric, but all the other things I wanted I found.

Being me, I started thinking, mods. How hard could it be to mod this thing, with, an electric motor, and how much cash would it take, but I could have reverse, (a handy thing to have on a vehicle). The ICE it comes with is a 30c weedeater type engine, two stroke I think, at least the engine used in the demo video sounded like one. Now the model is fast, very fast, and very agile, perhaps too fast and too agile for my purposes.

Fast forward>>>

I just looked again I found a 1/5 scale electric, 4 wheel drive, full suspension. Perfect!

Check it out here

Ok folks I need to get ready to go to work, have a great day!

BTW I write about what I am thinking about, at the time I think about it, so don't expect literary continuity. My thoughts are all up there waiting to get out, so when they have ramblings, it is an ADHD thing.

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Comment by John Arne Birkeland on October 18, 2011 at 1:57am

Rock Crawler R/C cars work great as a platform for slow speed extreme terrain exploring.

Here is a blog showing some of my earlier experiments.



Comment by Ryan Trullinger on October 18, 2011 at 3:59am

I watched part of the video, I didn't wait for the dog poo incident. Your project has my attention. I looked at some video online featuring rock crawlers. I will see if I can find that again.

Comment by n3m1s1s on October 19, 2011 at 1:46am

i picked up a clodbuster the other week ;) and a plastic too box ;) got an arduino mega ;) and eagletree ocd gps power thingy and altitude meter :) sofar i have stripped out the electronics and thats all :(


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