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The SkySafe system can take control of a rogue drone over the air and safely land it.

With detailed event history and real-time notifications, SkySafe offers an unprecedented level of airspace security.

  • Real-time detection and notification
  • Uninterrupted protection
  • Does not rely on radio jamming
  • Does not interfere with legitimate drone operation
  • Searchable event history
  • Enterprise management
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  • Moderator

    Disgusting, I believe that even the FAA consider this unlawful in the USA and leaves the perpetrator liable for damages and the consequences of this stupid action. presumably including damage to the UAV. 

  • Who determines the difference between legitimate drone operation and reckless and malicious drone operations? 

  • Oh boy!  I can't wait to see the lawsuits that come out of this.  Once they "take control" and someone or something gets damaged/injured, who's fault is it?  Was the pilot flying unsafely, or did the SkySafe system cause the accident?

    Who's going to have access to these things?  Is anyone going to be able to just drop drones out of the sky?

    Is this going to happen with automated cars as well?  If you're driving too fast, can someone take over your car and drive it for you?

  • Where is the "Safely landing" part?  Looked more like it just killed the power to it.  

  • LoL !!! Are we going to see DJI Phantoms falling from the sky everywhere? At least is safer than what a few people have done, which is shoot them out of the sky with shotguns.

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