New SteadiDrone 2013 QU4D - With APM2.5 as always


Hey again guys, a quick update post here from SteadiDrone, some of you may remember the post about our new QU4D from late last year, well we're proud to anounce it's out and available! We're very excited about this little quadcopter, we've developed it around the new GoPro 3 camera, for the best possible HD video footage on the smallest, highest quality and most compact quadcopter out there, we think any way :)

Key features include

Fully RTF kit with EVERYTHING requiredNew super quick foldable arm system for 10 second setup, will fit into a small backpack!
Apm 2.5 + 3DR GPS + 3DR Telemtry kit
20 min flight time - this is tested and true
Built in roll axis gimbal and mount for GoPro cameras
Super lightweight and ultra durable Carbon Fibre airframe
Amazing flight dymanics, high speed super stable!

Thanks again to all the Dev's for great code and products, please give us your feedback and comments, and before you ask, NO the props are not seen in the camera's view at any angle ;)

Herewith a few pics and video coming soon!

More info at / available from Steadidrone USA very soon, currently directly from website. Price will be around 2350USD, please keep in mind it's FULLY RTF with a lot of extras and full gps system etc etc


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  • if you guys really get fancy then shrouded props so if I touch anything I don't crash :)  how swap battery accessory would be cool.. the Scout ($60k usd) has a hot swap battery which sits on top.. if doing commercial stuff then a easy swap battery would be nice.. hard to do with the large variety of batteries and sizes.

  • sweet.. so excited.

  • Hello again Mark, thanks for the msg.

    We are busy working a brushless gimbal, both roll and tilt, stil in development, but will make it available for the QU4D

  • Duran.. can you guys work on a roll and tilt gimbal for the QA4D.. I love your folding frame but need to find a frame with gimbal for aerial surveying.. aka: camera (point and shoot like Canon SX 230) pointing straight down.

    Also your pictures don't include battery which I assume is on the bottom... the feet seem pretty short to not be landing on your battery.. I am sure it works, just can't see it in the pics.

    for commercial use I would love to see tilt and roll gimbal that can support a standard point and shoot camera (like the Canon ones).. and also the ability to move the battery pack forward and back to balance/fix the center of gravity due to camera hanging out the front.

  • Oh yes, have a look at the website for new updated photos and video :)

  • Thanks David for the reply :) Exactly right, we are trying to offer the best possible system and features for the best price, and we think we do, if you compare features with price, you'l be hard pressed to find a better (and better looking hehe) quad.

  • I am new to the Drone/UAV/Multicopter arena (and enjoying trying to quickly absorb all I can!).  I am also in the fire service, and I would add that vendors are trying to capitalize on these wild fires by selling all sorts of flying RC's (Styrofoam FPV Gliders to Helicopters to Multicopters) all at over $20k+.  I am glad to see a product like the QU4D for my purpose.  We tend to be a progress fire dept. and when iPads came out we quickly jumped from over priced "semi-rugged" laptops costing $5000k a piece to a $700 iPad.  I see the SteadiDrone QU4D filling a niche of affordable, reliable, RTF equipment (hopefully all 3! lol) for those of us who have just enough technical know how to fix, run, and operate, but do not have the time to research and build from scratch.

  • I am glad to see a frame only option, you should broadly market your frame only solutions on RCGroups and such, I am sure people would bite at them considering the engineering, design, and overall workmanship. Will check it out on your site, thanks for the update!

  • nice.. not a place that I would look to change the currency.. as a software architect by day and night.. I would highly recommend bringing that up either in the header or the form itself.   Also based on the browser language/culture settings you can determine which region a user is coming from and thus set their currency based on the browser culture setting.. Culture string look like en-us...  just a thought.   Anything that you can do to prevent any loss sales is greatly worth doing.. and the currency based on browser culture would mean that no  one ever needs to discover the switcher in your universal footer at the bottom of the page.  Just a suggestion.

  • You can select USD in the currency selector at the bottom of the site ;)

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