This is really cool feature set, I wonder what the price is going to be, but it looks awesome with an extra 3 pos switch, side controls and audio!


  • 16 Channels
  • Internal Radio
  • JR module support
  • Supports full duplex telemetry
  • And support for long range 12CH system as well (3 times range of normal radio)
  • Audio Support
  • Programable and can be reflashed with new OpenTx (was Open9x) updates

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  • Developer

    Veikko Taranis and it's telemetry cannot transfer APM MAVlink data as there is their own protocol running between Tx and Rx modules. Also telemetry speed is only 9600 which is not enough for MAVLink data. All is not lost yet.. One reason we made jD-IOBoard was to handle this type situations. Now there is rather well working firmware for it that can read normal MAVLink data and transfer that to FrSky protocol. Take a look at Adding more features to IOBoard post.

    With Taranis radio datastream works well already. 

  • Yep, that is the promise. But technical details are as yet scarce.

  • This is probably the most exciting thing that happened in the RC world for a while.

    The Turnigy9x hack was revolutionary, but it suffered from being cheap and low power hardware.

    The Tranis has Voice alarms, SD card support, internal and external RF module.

    And the killer argument for us UAV guys it has a transparent high speed low latency telemetry link (Exact technical details still pending)

    And also important, this is not just a chinese company with no understanding of community using a opensource firmware. (Hobbyking 9XR :wink:)

    FrSky (also being chinese, but thats not the point) has proven great community engagement. And it's not just a rebatched version of a opensource firmware that's poorly maintained. They work together with the community and fully embrace the project.

  • Distributor

    Same as everyone here, since I use/sell the FRSky products I did not had any issues.  No DOA, no RMA, FRSKY are great. I like the features and price.  The only thing left to know is how solid they feel in hands. 

    I will CARRY them as well for Canadians! :) Price will be very close to US price as usual... 

  • I will buy one when my rc system is wasted.

  • For me this is a no-brainer; the last RC set I bought was a Futaba 9ZHP way back somewhere between '92 & '94. I'm still using that beast but with FrSky SS module and Receiver and still love it. It cost just over $1K at the time; to get this much more functionality at a much lower price point is great. I just hope the LCD is backlit - my old eyes are tired of squinting!

  • I will be buying one.  It is everything the 9XR should have been and a bit more including the acknowledgement of the firmare used.

    I can't wait to get one - the extra 3 postion switches will be really handy. 

  • Pricing from the rcg thread. This is pretty compelling and I think will sell very well. I'll most likely be getting one. US distributor

    The Standard Kit

    • Taranis Transmitter
    • Aluminum Travel Case
    • Battery
    • Charger Adapter
    • Neck Strap


    The Combo Kit

    • Taranis Transmitter
    • Aluminum Travel Case
    • X8R - 8/16 channel Full Duplex Telemetry Receiver
    • Battery
    • Charger Adapter
    • Neck Strap


  • Argh, and I just bought a T9X without module and FrSky Tx module lol plus LCD backlight kit, which is as close to this as you could get before... With plans to swap the gimbals for the Aurora9 4ball bearing ones for sale loose. 

    Wonder if they will be bringing out a new X series small Rx as well later on, the X8 looks way too big to me to use on any of my stuff. 

  • Developer
    I think it blows the 9XR out of the water on paper. I guesing think the price will be $100 - $200 but it will be worth it for the functionality and better quality. Lets see :-)
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