New TBS Wing - Development sessions in Thailand

So we packed a bunch of prototype planes and went to Thailand to do a bit of flying. Much like our Road Trip series but a bit shorter, we'll be showing the ins and outs of modern airplane design - and the fun that can be had while being completely serious :)

Prototypes weigh around 450 - 600g, up to 40" wingspan. Please keep that in mind when watching some of the ... "stunts" :)

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  • Marooned, it collapsed and fell into the water drowning everyone involved :) obviously we're talking about a 500g plane here ... the kind of plane that you would normally buy in Toys'R'Us. We do "foxhunts" with these things, where one member has to run and the others get to chase him. Great exercise, no pain whatsoever if you get one of these into the face :)

  • As usual, nice video with perfect editing!

    3:05, 4:39, 4:55 - don't you think it's pushing the limits a bit to far? What happened to the parachute?

    4:18..4:22 - rolling shutter of GoPro ;-)

  • Nice underwater shots - do you have an FPV submarine now? :)

  • yeah. the hangover hotel :)

  • The hotel at the beginning, was it called Lebua?
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