New TBS Wing - Development sessions in Thailand

So we packed a bunch of prototype planes and went to Thailand to do a bit of flying. Much like our Road Trip series but a bit shorter, we'll be showing the ins and outs of modern airplane design - and the fun that can be had while being completely serious :)

Prototypes weigh around 450 - 600g, up to 40" wingspan. Please keep that in mind when watching some of the ... "stunts" :)

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    Hi Artem and Trappy

    I hear your complaints about Trappy (who I have never met) and understand your objections. The fact remains that Trappy and his group at TBS do a great job of promoting the sport of RC, FPV and UAV that we all enjoy. Yes HE takes risk with his toys that you or I choose not to do. Yes , he gets into trouble sometimes but that is HIS business.

    I am a safety engineer so I understand the implications of what I do very well but I also look equally at the other side of this, for example. the FAA may have an issue because of the percieved danger of small planes to other airspace users including parachutes, Trappy has shown that this is not the problem they perceive it to be. maybe his methods are unusual but that does not make them wrong. This seems to be a valid test that shows what happens if..........

    As an RC flyer of over 30 years I have seen many instances of RC model versus hang gliders, gliders, full size planes and helicopters and buildings to my knowledge NOT 1 full size man carrying  plane or helicopter has lost the battle. Thats the way I want it to stay. 

    I want the airspace opened in a positive way and I will work towards that, I fly safely and considerately and generally to the rules.  But I respect the others that strech the boundaries of what can and cant be done.

     This could be even be used by the community to help to show that the danger is not as bad as the FAA would like you to believe.

    Good luck Trappy

  • neither a cop nor myself is qualified? but you are? I stopped reading. have a good one, enjoy your high blood pressure :)

  • My blood pressure is very normal as a rule but it does tend to rise when I see people pulling stunts like that.  Neither you nor cops are qualified to say if a plane of that size can theoretically bring a parachute down.  If it was up to me I would disqualify you from flying ever again if you would've ran your "toy" into a regular vehicle, leave alone a flying one.  It is not only a question of possible damage this particular aircraft can do, but also a perceived threat from the public point of view.  If I was working at FAA and saw this clip it would not put me into a pro-free-flying frame of mind.  This time there were no dead bodies who knows what size RC is going to fly into next parachute/plane/helicopter and what the outcome of that is going to be.  I think we all here who try to fly safely and follow good safety guidelines regardless of the size of the aircraft have you personally to thank for doing the most to alienate FAA toward small RC aircraft.

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    Great video Trappy,

    Its always an inspiration to see just how far the boundries can be pushed with FPV. great editing and presentation. Happy landings.

  • Wow, best video so far! Whoever is editing your shots is a genius! The whole thing really gets professional, wonder how long it takes until we have to pay to view these videos... However wonderful work, really love your videos! Will you reveal some more infos on your airframe anytime soon?


  • Dave, yes RiSCyD mentioned this. you have to sign a waiver that you're not going to jump out of the balcony. apparently it's a popular hotel to spend your last days.

    Rob, some of it Thailand, some of it Phuket and Pattaya.

    Artem, knock yourself out. from your comment I assume you're the kind of guy that approaches us face all red, cops in the background, SWAT team on standby. Cop looks at the plane and says "so you're all worked up over THIS? please sir, calm down, we're going back to the station" :) just a couple of guys having fun from where I'm standing ... if a soccer ball hits your face at the beach ... well, you got unlocky. throw back the ball, accept the apology and move on. or get worked up and cause a stir ... whatever work best for ya :)

  • Some people just never learn.  If it was me up there 500+ ft in the air and some idiot flew into my cords (and I don't care how small that airplane is) I would do everything in my power to prevent any more of those idiots flying around (and I realize that applying the term "idiot" to this individual is an insult to the idiot community).

  • Just got back from four months on Koh Tao, Thailand. Always wished I'd taken a quad or my plane with me for some FPV. Even scoped out potential landing spots and shots I wanted to get.

    Where was this shot? The end bit looks a bit like Phuket I think..

  • Nice! I recognized the balconies from my stay there back in 07 but sadly they had the balconies all locked up due to recent jumpers. Nice video!
  • Just checking :)

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