Hi !
I recently started the building of my own UAV
At this moment i´m building the wings 3 meters wingspan.
General description (pictures soon)
wingspan 3 meters aprox 80 dm2 of wing surface
Engine 40cc pusher 3 blade propeller
conventional tail
intended for 1 hr of flight and 2kg of payload
also i´m soldering the ardupilot. (i think gonna need the MEGA version)
yesterday i recive my ArduPilot with the ArduIMU and the GPS.

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  • When you've got access to a laser cutter, it definitely shapes design considerations.

    What's the cost of materials?

    I always cringe paying for the Jet Fuel to ship $3 worth of styrofoam with 10 minutes of labor invested in it all the way from china. Makes more sense to sell the servos, BECs, ESCs and motor/EDF fans as a kit and buy the styrofoam domestic.

    Hobby King do have a USA warehouse with <$60 receiver readies so that might be a good place to start.

    Then again: spare parts are cheap when you own the laser cutter, so practicing on a park flyer might not be applicable.
  • This are 2 views, the first wing (the one that i´m building now) is no tapered, the second one will.
    i´m working on the design so you can build a fuselage in one day.
    all the UAV must fit into a cube of 100 x 40 x 40 cm so you can carry in a regular suitcase.
  • Ok, I am curious to see your design. What is the taller or wider part by where you are working?
  • Noooo... jajajajaja That is the fuselage, but now i´m building the wings. and making my first steps with ardupilot
  • What is that in the picture? If that is your wing (I say wing because that is what you say you are building) then I would say that is too thick.
  • Yes John, I used AutoCAD and LASER cutting
  • Good luck martin your build sounds complex in size but youll get it right
  • I like it. It looks like you used autocad or equivelent to laser cut this on cnc, is that right? In that case it is not so labor intense or expensive providing you have access to the manufacturing equipment. The design looks robust enough to do what you want. Also this type of airframe should be very durable.
  • as soon as I have all the final plans and construction procedures will be sharing all the information
  • Do you have drawings you could share?
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