New Vtail 8 build started

3689421938?profile=originalNice new build, based on 1/2 ally tube, RCT 750 kv motors, 30 amp 4S ESC's, 10 by 4.5 props.

Overall width 680mm , length 840mm


About 5 hours work in it so far, the centre section and motor mounts are pre made for me out of 2.5mm fibreglass

The aluminium is all hand cut and drilled (lots of holes) !!3689421854?profile=original

Nuts/bolts 3mm and 4mm

ESC's were stripped so they could be "daisy chained" on the input side, and have the motor wires direct soldered on the output side.


They are mounted on the side pods, as this keeps the high current DC (and associated mag fields) far away from the Magnetometer , about 120mm seperation




FC is an ardu, with mag, gps and sonar.

Now to get into the code, and do a custom mix, will take the Y6 code, as its close , and modify it, will do one version for the Vtail 8 (needs 5 channels) and a version for the Vtil Y6/Y4 (needs 4 channels)


Batteries will be 4S 12000 mah (good for about 10 kg total thrust) and carrying a maximum of 1kg DLSR

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  • Makes me laugh, the only comments are to do with power wiring - you would think with my background in electronics I might get the basics correct.


    No comments on airframe design, coding the ardu........... sigh ......... :)


    @chuck - by feeding the first esc direct from the battery, and then sucessivly feeding each ESC from the last, each ESC in the system will progressivly get less available voltage.

    by daisy chaining, one to the other, with the negative lead from one direction and the positive from the other, we should get the same average voltage on all ESC's (daisy chain is probably the wrong term)


    @sebastian - please draw me a picture of how you expect the magnetic field to develop.

    i would have though as i have two seperate banks of ESC's about 240mm apart, fed from seperate batteries, seperate power leads, powerleads run together to cancel any fields, and certainly no power carrying conductors circling the APM - i should probably post a picture

  • That doesn't make any sense to me.  Power flows one direction through each ESC.

    it isn't going to flow through all four ESCs as a complete loop.  Just four small loops.

    I don't see where it makes any difference what side the beginning is. 

    If you're paranoid, just flip two of them over.

    Looks like 12 gauge main feeds.  41 amps.  If they aren't melting at full throttle it will be fine.

  • because all current flows in one direction on your setup, which makes a big magnetic field -> your compass will not work correctly

    i wouldn't trust these wires, but it's your copter which falls from the sky ;)

  • Why would you like the black and red on the same side ? it defeats the purpose of the "daisy chain setup"

    those wires will carry on average 25 amps, and are rated at 50 amps, i am sure on the short run they will be fine :)
  • bad wiring on the power side, black and red wire should be on the same side, and use thicker wires!

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