Aerial spreading can protect land and seedlings, and is more and more used in agricultural work such as fertilization,seeding ,feeding etc., efficient and affordable. Based on the EPS200, the EPS200Pro deeply optimizes the stirring plate, turntable, and control Module,etc., better performance, and it can spread smoothly for heavy-duty mixed material operations and wet & sticky materials.



Strong Stirring, Smooth Spreading

The newly upgraded EPS200Pro has metal stirring plate with a wider force area, the stirring plate can uniformly stir wet or blocked material under greater stirring power and separate sticky granules by strong rotation to avoid clogging. Umbrella-shaped metal design is easy to clean and anti-corrosion. Working with 360°adjustable valve, it can spread precisely and smoothly.


Upgrade Turntable, Strong and Durable

The turntable is embedded with metal blades, which is strong, compressive and wear-resistant . Under high-speed rotation, the granules quickly falls and evenly distributed, with an effectively spreading width of 12m. For large area rice sowing, fertilization, slope fertilization can be done easily and quickly.



Wiring Upgrade, Safe and Stable

EPS200Pro thicken cables and pins for enhanced current resistance and easy plug-in. The control module has also been deeply optimized, upgraded the internal motherboard circuit, the maximum power increased to 180w, and the wide voltage range expanded to 24V-80V, which can effectively prevent motherboard damage caused by over-voltage and over-current due to abnormal situations. The sealed waterproof design from the inside out, prolongs the lifespan , ensures the stable and efficient operation in various weather conditions.12175096870?profile=RESIZE_400x


Under the CAN control mode, It has speed feedback, valve angle feedback, blocking alarm, valve fault alarm, over-temperature, over-voltage alarm and other fault warning functions , which can real-time monitor the operation status, accurate fault diagnosis, and quick maintenance, thereby extending the product lifespan.


Universal Mounting, Multi-scenario Application

The EPS200Pro continues the tool-free quick release design with a universal interface, which can match with various types of aircraft. It's small and portable, very suitable for outdoor operations. It can sowing 0.5~6mm granules, applies to various scenarios such as grass seeding, fertilization, feeding etc.



Both the EPS200Pro and EPS200 takes modular structure design. EPS 200 can quickly be upgraded by replacing some parts.

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