News from the UxV-CS project

newtx_overview.pngThe first parts for my UxV control station prototype have arrived and the planning and drafting is making progress. Thanks to a few friendly companies, much faster than I feared it would. Unfortunately, some major parts are still on the way, so I can't really start building yet. I'm using the time to work on the drafts and the functions, thinking of new ideas, kicking old ideas out. And of course, already testing some ideas on the Arduino Mega. The repository at GitHub is already created - although nothing is in it yet.

Here's an overview about the feature ideas. The full list and a few more infos are on the features-page on my website.

New ideas and comments are very welcome!

Mission control subunit


Display functions

  • Display telemetry data from FrSky RC system
  • Display MAVlink-telemetry
  • Display misc. data


  • Send MAVlink commands
    • Flight mode
    • Waypoints
    • Camera gimbal control
    • Misc.
  • Edit PIDs
  • Control mission-specific payloads
  • Control misc. functions and equipment

Printer functions

  • Print UAV's GPS coordinates ("print now"-button)
  • Print flight-log
  • Print flight-statistics

Antenna tracker

  • Control antenna-tracker
  • Based on IMU-data
    • Antenna tracker has a 360°-servo for azimuth and determines the orientation via the IMU

Output functions

  • Output UAV position as NMEA data via
    • USB-serial
      • PC mapping software
    • RS-232
      • PC mapping software
      • Chartplotters
    • Bluetooth (serial profile)
      • Mobile mapping devices, e.g. Google Maps on Android tablet

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  • feel free to have a look at my ardustation3 code on my google code repository, it would likely give you a good start to get your project under way!  

  • Love the post! Thanks for the awesome info!
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