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As Prof LianPin Khoo post an interesting 3D amination here and also here . Someone is interested to see more picture of the plane which capture those images.

I have a blog which show the basic info about the NewSkywalker. Now I have get it set up properly and adjust some APM parameter base on my previous Skywalker1900. I also have flown a few mission with it and quite happy with the performance and the ability of APM to hold proper grid line in windy condition. During the test flight, I also had an unplan " durability" test where it fall from about 30 meter because of the receiver battery voltage went low. This is my own fault because I forgot to get it fully charge. I actually did check with the voltage before flight and it show sufficient. It survive the crash with some crack in the nose area and a wings broken about 10 inches from wing tip. Some EPO glue and fiberglass tape had it repair in no time and it have flown another few mission subsequently.

The only modification I made is cut a hole as shown in the picture for camera. Now my camera can fix inside the fuselage nicely with proper orientation. I'll put the camera nearer to the nose for my next Newskywalker because with the current location, I had to add about 160 gram of weight in the nose to balance it. The vibration dampen foam is a piece of air conditional copper pipe insulator. This idea is given by Prof LianPin Khoo and it work. I also cut a door at the left fuselage similar to old version skywalker for ease of access to the battery and other electronic on board

With the set up as describe in my previous blog, I can have about 30 minutes time with 40 % throttle cruise setting. At the end of the flight, I still had about 1000 mah reserve in the battery. For my typical aerial mapping mission. I'll normally fly at 200 meter altitude. In 20 to 30 minutes it'll cover 200 Ha of land with 60 % overlapping area.

The next trial will be 10000 mah 4S ( 2x 4S 5000 mah ) endurance test. I hope it'll able to fly for 50 minutes. 




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    You can try conservationdrons script available at their web site. You can set the active time of the camera when times up it will shut down the camera. For some reason it may not work for all camera. Alternately you can visit flight riot, there they show you how to modify a electronic switch to control the camera via a radio channel.
  • Hi Keeyen,

    We've been working with skywalker 2013 for a couple of weeks now. I was interested in knowing is how do you remotely shut down the camera before landing? I've damaged one lens already and do not wish to loose more. I use SX260HS with CHDK.

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    Hi Marcelo, Yes, the camera can fix in as shown in the picture. I'm using Canon S100GPS with CHDK. If you are going to use the newskywalker air frame, be sure to fit the camera as front as possible to avoid dead weight added to the nose for CG balance.

    Although it is more expensive, may be you can have a look at the "Techpod". It has a build in downward looking camera mount as well as a front looking camera/video mount. 

  • Really nice, that new skywalker 2013. It has larger fuselage than "old" skywalker, wow!

    I use skywalker 1680mm for imagery, and due to fuselage space, my Cam only fits longitudinally. But, as can see, in 2013 version could fit transversally, like yours, right?

    By the way, which Cam did you use in that skywalker?

    Thanks and good luck!

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