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Programing Ardu with original USB is easy - modyfications and compiling of sources in Ardu IDE is also easy .First how to connect GPS from OSD to Ardupilot .We must made a small hardware modyfication - add diode to suplly Vcc to GPS module and that all .[img][/img]dioda_213.jpgNext thing is modyfication in software - so in easystar.h file we must modyfiy line for GPS configuration like that:[code]#define GPS_PROTOCOL 0 [/code]Then in GPS_NMEA file like on picture :[img][/img]symul_comment_740.jpgOn bottom we see information send by Ardupilot - all is working in simulation mode with OSD GPS emulator software using two OTi cables - one is playning GPS with GPS emulator from remzibiOSD PC programand another port is monitoring TX line of Ardupilot .[img][/img]s6301095s_117.jpgAlso GPS is working as well with Ardupilot :[img][/img]s6301098s_212.jpgAs on simulation picture there are ATL problem - all time is 0 so I must to look closer why , maybe this is Ardupilot normal work .So in future - instead of monitoring cable will be pilot's TX to OSD's RX one connection to get Ardupilot data .Ok first practical try is done :) - all works fine , for next I will made some debug printing from Ardupilot and will start practical Ardupilot-OSD cooperation .Lastly - the main problem I have is a very short time I can spend for this nice playing with all this nice toys :) .
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  • Have also decided to do the same, thanks though.

  • Developer
    I shrink wrapped mine, not water tight, but protects unit.

  • Thanks Jordi !

  • Developer
    I dont know! Sparkfun just stop giving it for free.
  • @Jordi,

    a bit off topic question, from where have you got this nice black cap for the helical antenna of the ublox GPS-Rx ? Have got one but with the naked antenna only (I know you mentioned that before).

  • That explain me ALT problem :) (no problem) .
    Thanks for IR , confirm on my email when you got package from me :) .
  • Developer
    Hello Remzibi!

    "As on simulation picture there are ATL problem - all time is 0 so I must to look closer why , maybe this is Ardupilot normal work" The Ardupilot"

    You mean ALT? Ardupilot always zero your altitude. =)

    This Monday i will ship your Infrared sensors!
  • remzibi,

    great, thanks for the info, exactly what I wish to have :-).

  • Yes - it will be possible to use any GPS , Ublox , SIRF binary or standard NMEA - all depends what GPS anybody have - with autopilot can be used any .
    The idea is that autopilot work as "master" unit and OSD will serve as "slave display terminal" to display any data provided by autopilot by TX output , the ardupilot baud rate will be detected by OSD .
    So my first try will be use the math of autopilot and provide only displaying ability and scalerd and calibrated ADC (this will remaid as is in OSD inputs) .
    First problem why I have ALT as 0 all the time :) .
  • remzibi,

    forgot to mention, would be great when it would be possible to use the ublox protocol also for both ArduPilot and remzibi OSD. Just received one of those new GPSRx with LEA-5H chipset and Helix antenna, recommended from Jordi:

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