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    Go for glassfiber sheets and tube. I have made a glassfiber sandwitch construction for body. It's rock solid.
  • So it's a case of LOS?  If the CF body comes between the Rx antenna and Tx, boom you're done?  

    How are aluminum arms any better?  Don't they do the same thing?

    The FrSky system does have an advantage in that the Rx has diversity on the antenna.  I have some of the longer antenna, I use a long antenna, and route it all the way down one of the landing legs.  Then it would be clear.

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    It is actually rather big issue. Just like my old 450 size heli. Normally i could fly it 500-1000 meters but made minor modifications and placed antennas... Ehem. not so wisely. I lost control after 150 meters just due antenna placement. Yes sure you can put them outside which makes things a bit better but can you be 100% that your antennas have always 100% LOS? If not... count that as -60-90% of range

  • Jani, how much of a problem is it really?  If you use antenna that get the signal out from inside the frame, what is the issue?  I use a 15cm antenna, and make sure to route them so the signal is not "trapped" inside the frame.

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    Droidworks frames are always been good looking but as we all know all carbon frames are a bit bad as carbon blocks radio signals. Maybe people don't realize this enough yet. On close range it's not so big deal but if you plan to go a bit further you might end on problems just because you have CF frame.

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