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  • Hey guys the final versions are done in Mini and Big versions, Im currently offering them in MDF an ABS plastic, but by the end of the month I will only offer them in ABS Plastic. I sold several of them already so you will see them in youtube hopefully real soon.
  • Link to the youtube channel where there are more videos

  • Looks like the video was taken down.  Did anyone snag a copy of it before they removed it?

  • That would be really neat the plane flies to a way point turns to a heading the camera deploys takes pix  retracts flies back

  • Cool, it looks like it will just work "out-of-the-box" with the latest APM release.

    The latest code is able to use a configurable servo output to control the camera retraction.

    So Carl, yes it can be set up to work automatically !

  •  I'll buy 3

  • Nice job.  Is that a giant scale servo on the pan?  I'd prefer if it was made from something other than wood though.

  • That is really cool Can it be set up to work automatically on it's own or just manual

  • Developer

    Pretty nice! I wish the entire system was a bit smaller though.

  • Nice!
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